Tribulation w/ Youth Code and Horrendous

September 8, 2016

The Foundry @ The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA

Review by: Megan C. Brooks

Tribulation headlined at one of Philadelphia's newest venues, The Foundry, which is the upstairs bar at The Fillmore.  Tribulation was supported by Youth Code and Philadelphia's own Horrendous.  What a name, but their performance was anything but horrendous. They were all smiles and really enthusiastic to play for their hometown crowd.  They are an awesome death metal band that's been around since 2009.  They are not just a local opener for this tour so get to the show early to see Horrendous on any of the remaining tour dates.

The second band that evening was Youth Code, a Los Angeles hardcore industrial duo.  The band features Ryan George on keyboards, synths and samples with Sara Taylor on vocals. Taylor's vocals are a lot like death metal style vocals, but most of their lyrical themes detail issues like sexism, racism and animal cruelty. They're touring in support of their latest album "Commitment to Complication" which was released this past April.

Tribulation came out to an instrumental recording as drummer Jakob Ljungberg took to the stage first followed by both guitarists, Adam Zaars and Jonathan Hulten. They began their set by playing "Strange Gateways Beckon" as bassist and lead singer Johannas Andersson entered the stage. They followed with "Melencholia". Both are songs from their 2015 release "Children of the Night".  This year they released an EP also called "Melencholia" with alternate versions of the song, along with other tracks.  Listening to their albums is great, but you really need to see them live. They have played Philadelphia three times in the past two years and the show gets better and more theatrical each time. Watching them play is hypnotizing; each band member has his own flair and version of corpse paint and it all works together to make a beautiful show.  The set they played at The Foundry was awe inspiring.  This tour has a few more dates left and it's a must see.