The Abysmal Predator Tour

w/ Napalm Death , Power Trip,  & Abnormality

November 12, 2016

Underground Arts

Philadelphia, PA

The dark confined basement-like venue that is the Underground Arts in Philadelphia, PA hosted Detroit crushers The Black Dahlia Murder Saturday night November 12th.  The band is currently touring as co-headliners with Napalm Death on the Abysmal Predator tour as they continue to promote their latest release "Abysmal".

Trever Strnad and crew came out to a lathered audience (amped up by insane sets by Abnormality and Power Trip) and kicked off a brutal set with "What A Horrible Night to Have a Curse".  TBDM and their fans connect on a level that produces an almost riotous atmosphere.  By the time the band dove into "Abysmal" bodies were flying toward the stage, fists were mashing the air, and the volume in the club was deafening. 

The guys sounded phenomenal as they powered through "Vlad", "Contagion", and "Miasma" among others.  Such a fun band to see live, therapeutic too when you need to get out some pent up aggression!!!

Catch The Black Dahlia Murder on this tour until November 23rd.

Set List:

What A Horrible Night to Have a Curse

Statutory Ape



Vlad, Son of the Dragon


Threat Level No 3



On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood

Everything Went Black

Deathmask Divine

I WIll Return

The Black Dahllia Murder is:

Trevor Strnad − Singer

Brian Eschbach − Guitar/vocals
Max Lavelle − Bass
Alan Cassidy - Drums
Brandon Ellis - Guitar