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Suicide Silence
"Suicide Silence"

Release date: February 24 (Nuclear Blast)

Suicide Silence is:
Chris Garza (guitar)
Mark Heylmun (guitar)
Dan Kenny (bass)
Alex Lopez (drums)
Eddie Hermida (vocals) 

Suicide Silence is seemingly out to redefine themselves and their music by expanding their creativity and seeing what sticks.  Unfortunately in a world that is being overrun with anger, vile terrorism, and morally-weak leaders today's hardcore fans will have to look elsewhere to find an outlet for their pent up aggression.  The self-titled album by Suicide Silence misses on every mark possible.

Suicide Silence took the world by the balls and pulverized them in 2014 when on July 14th they released "You Can't Stop me".  Having mourned the loss of their lead man Mitch Lucker the band showed it was determined to continue what they built together over the previous twelve years.  With new vocal denizen Eddie Hermida "You Can't Stop Me" was brutal with a big fucking capital "B".
2017 however sees Suicide Silence moving into a new creative expanse that brings in slower grooves and uses clean vocals and psychopathic screams to achieve their end goal, whatever that may be.  The good news for fans? You've already heard the best two songs on the album.  The bad news for fans?  You've already heard the best two songs on the album.

While performing at last year's Knotfest Suicide Silence unveiled the first hint of new music.  "Doris" featuring Jose Mangin was released as the bands first single and within minutes the metal community imploded.  "Suicide Silence with clean vocals?" many thought.  The song is still fucking heavy and the use of clean vocals, in a higher pitch with an echo effect, I felt was a perfect match.  I may have been one of just a handful that actually lauded the song, even defending it on our East Coast Metal Radio show against the rebuke of my co-host.

On February 2nd the next single off the album "Silence" was released and by all accounts the internet will never be the same.  Fans signed petitions in hopes of keeping Suicide Silence from releasing their new album.  Fans who thought the clean vocals on "Doris" were too much were floored by a song that made clean vocals even more prominent.  How could it be that the gods of deathcore are releasing music with so little punch?  For me, "Silence" made me rethink my expectations of the new album.  With "Doris" I was still looking to smash shit when I heard the song.  With "Silence" I was more moved to bring out a rusty spike and hammer it through my ears.  Too much clean vocals and when the heavy vocals come in they seem way too forced.  No power, no brutality, nothing I'm so used to hearing from Suicide.  An average song at best if it were being performed by Seether.  But, without hearing more of the album I held out hope that the remaining songs would be more like "Doris" at worse and more like "You Can't Stop Me" at best. Well, I have found out that's not the case.

"Doris" opens the record followed by "Silence".  Track three is "Listen" and features Dan Kenny laying down a punishing bass line underneath Hermida's vocals that seem to be meant to sound like a psychopath.  In idea that's pretty metal, but that repeats itself throughout the album giving less of a punch to it's use in this song.  "Listen" is a more slower, methodical musical attack....chance of a mosh pic opening during this song?  0 out of 5.  

Track four "Dying In A Red Room" is even slower.  Hermida's awkward breathing and quivering vocals are tough to hear.  The performance may have been meant to be artistic to empower the lyrics, but it comes across as off-putting.  The guitars sound like mosquitoes hitting a bug zapper.  Nothing heavy in any way, shape, or form here.  Mosh pit rating of 0.

"Hold Me Up Hold Me Down".....Alex Lopez sounds real fucking solid on drums, and the slow doom guitars are pretty cool, but there is no punch, nothing that replicates the incredible live Suicide Silence performances I've seen over the years or heard on their previous four genre-defining albums.  I will say that on this tune Hermida briefly returns to his bludgeoning self, but it's too brief.  Most pit rating of 0.  

Next up is "Run", a tune that starts off promising but quickly turns to a slow, boring sleeper.  At this point I'm pissed off.  I turn to Suicide Silence to help me get out the daily frustrations of work and life and it's just not here.  The drums are simplistic, vocals are clean and have no balls behind them, guitar and bass thump but once again there will be no moshing to this one.  Mosh pit rating of 1 (but after 16 seconds it's over).

"The Zero" sounds like "The Kill" by Thirty Seconds To Mars and unfortunately I'm not even lying.  Mosh pit rating 1 but only because I'm dying to mosh.

The song "Conformity". well, goodnight folks.  Time to grab my pillow and take a nap.  You could NEVER get me to guess that this is a Suicide Silence song.  

Mosh pit rating of 0.....Nyquil rating of 5.  

The album wraps with "Don't Be Careful You Might Hurt Yourself".  Finally the drums come alive (only bass drums though, snare is pretty much missing any form of brutality), the vocals move me, and the guitars crunch.  But because of the lack of speed and power.....mosh pit rating of 1.

Bottom line, I'm a HUGE fan of SUICIDE SILENCE, but unfortunately for me their creative efforts on this new self-titled album fall flat.  I will absolutely be at their shows when they come around but I find it hard to believe that songs from this album other than "Doris" and "Silence" will make their way into the set. 


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Suicide Silence

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The wait is finally over, as SUICIDE SILENCE have triumphantly returned with their truly career defining moment in the form of their self-titled new, full-length album set for a Feb 24th release via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The new offering was hailed by Alternative Press and Guitar Player Magazine as “One of 2017’s Most Anticipated Albums.” The album was produced by the world-renowned Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot) and mixed by Joe Barresi (Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age). The album can be pre-ordered now via the links listed below and also the brand-new music video for crushing new track, “Doris,” can also be viewed below. This video was filmed during the band’s Knotfest 2016 performance and features Jose Mangin (SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal) on guest vocals.

"From the band to you the fans we hope you had some bad ass, family filled, lovely holidays but now is the time to get what you really wanted and have been waiting for. We got pre-orders, a video and a new track coming right at you! Enjoy our new song ‘Doris’ and go put in your order while packages last!  Sui is BACK!"

“Doris” Official Music Video

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SUICIDE SILENCE Announce New Album Details, Post New Music Video For “Doris"

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