Chuck Billy from the thrash metal band Testament has expanded his Signature Series of herbal vape products. In conjunction with Lord Vaper Pens these new products are The Chief: "War Drum", The Chief: "Dream Catcher", and The Chief: "Tomahawk”.

The "War Drum" is a 2 in 1 vaporizer. You can vape herbal supplements with it’s heating chamber or you can screw in a 510 Thread Oil Cartridge if you so choose. The "Tomahawk" is a pipe with a built in Pod combustion chamber and lighter so you can smoke discreetly. We had the pleasure of sampling the "Dream Catcher". 

The" Dream Catcher" is compatible with most 510 Thread Oil Cartridges. Its Zippo-like look makes it perfect to enjoy smoking discreetly. The "Dream Catcher" is easy to take with you because its hard shell makes it tough to damage the oil cartridge. It has 3 voltage settings that you can use; 3V/3.4V/3.8V. I enjoyed vaping at 3.5V. It offers a nice hard hit and will not burn your coil out. The "Dream Catcher" comes with 3 magnet adapters; short, medium, and long length for you to screw on to your cartridge making it easy to fit all sizes.

I really enjoyed using this product. It fits nice in the hand and you don’t have to worry about a bulky pocket when walking around. It offered a great smoke sensation and was so discreet nobody knew I was smoking. I would highly recommend this item to any person looking to vape their herbal products and look cool while doing so.

You can head over to the website to purchase any of THE CHIEF products!