Periphery w/ SikTh, Chon, and Toothgrinder

The Sonic Unrest Tour

August 28, 2016

TLA, Philadelphia, PAT

Review by: Megan C. Brooks

Sunday night the TLA was packed for The Sonic Unrest Tour featuring Periphery, SikTh, Chon and Toothgrinder

Toothgrinder, a progressive metal band from Asbury Park, NJ opened the show, told us this was kind of their home show since it was so close to where they were from.  They have a sizable following in Philadelphia that has continually grown since they began in 2010.  Toothgrinder is heavy and lots of fun; they got the crowd all riled up, ready for the rest of the show.

Chon hit the stage next. They're an instrumental progressive rock band mixed with a kinda funky jam band. They were great, but it was a complete change of pace from Toothgrinder. The fans didn't mind the slow down though, and it seemed that many there were big fans of the band from San Diego. Although most of their songs are instrumental, once in a while there are lyrics, usually one or two words get yelled out. On cue each time these parts came up several audience members knew exactly what to say and when. At one point it seemed like half the crowed yelled "FUCK" in unison.

Then the energy of the crowed ramped right back up back up when SikTh started.  SikTh is a British progressive metal band with a long history going back to 1999.  However, this is their first tour through the US. Their set started with a few technical glitches, but they got them worked out within the first few songs. After that, everything was perfect.  SikTh has two lead vocalists, Mikee Goodman and Joe Rosser, along with the other four musicians on stage make for quite a spectacle. The sound is incredible! Hopefully they will be able to tour the States again real soon.

Finally it was time for the headliners, Periphery.  Hailing from Washington DC, they're also a progressive metal band. Their performance was electrifying!  Most of the set were songs from their latest album "Select Difficulty" which was released last month.  They also played some fan favorites like "Scarlet" and "Luck as a Constant". The tour is winding down this week, hope you got a chance to see these bands they were all awesome.