Jim Breuer and the Loud and Rowdy

Songs from the Garage

Seether  “Poison The Parish”

release date - May 12, 2017

Canine Riot Records/ Concord


Album number seven for rock radio juggernauts SEETHER blasts onto the music scene May 12th.  “Poison The Parish” is an explosive assault on the reckless age we live in of false idolization and an overabundance of opinions.

The album opener “Stoke The Fire” is a heavy fixated rocker that screams out with a ferocious chorus and lyrics that admonish social media mavens.  In describing the album, singer/guitarist Shaun Morgan says “What it really boils down to is that I am disgusted and horrified by what I see society becoming, the complete idolatry of vapid social media and reality TV ‘stars,’”.  “Stoke The Fire” begins epitomizes that sentiment.

“Poison the Parish” is NOT an album that has one or two heavy tracks to suck you in only to disappoint later.  This entire album crushes!  Morgan produced the album and his imprint is everywhere, from monster chord progressions to intense lyrics.  Track two “Betray and Degrade” has both.  It kicks in large with a heavy riff offset by simplistic vocals leading to another punishing chorus.

Of course the main single off the album is “Let You Down” and the song definitely represents the album.  Heaviness from the band that appears after setting up the songs by letting the vocals breathe.  “Feels Like Dying” accomplishes this by having Morgan’s vocals play over drummer John Humphrey’s cymbals and Dale Stewart’s simple yet stern bass line.

Seether songs tend to follow a pattern of allowing the listener to become involved with each song’s message then providing a way to get out the intensity through the chorus.  Exhibit “A” from “Poison The Parish” is the song “Misunderstood”.  The soft beginning is there to let Morgan’s dissertation on shallowness settle in until the chorus hits providing an aggressive outlet.  Exhibit “B” is “Take A Minute” which is powered by Stewart laying down one mean ass bass line underneath the vocals and the full band kicking in with shear power and volatility.

Possibly the band’s heaviest album from start to finish “Poison The Parish” is current, aggressive, and 100% SEETHER

Seether is currently on tour and continue to cross American throughout the whole Summer.

Seether is:

Shaun Morgan – vox/guitar
Dale Stewart – bass/vox
John Humphrey – drums

You probably know him as goat boy or watched him in the hilarious stoner comedy “Half Baked” or enjoyed his dead on impressions of AC/DC singer Brian Johnson, actor Joe Pesci and others.  You're now gonna know Jim Breuer as a ROCKER!! 

Out now on Metal Blade Records is the first rock album from Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy titled “Songs from the Garage”.  The album is full of thrash and hard rock tunes that will split skulls if played loud enough thanks to the guitars of current Volbeat and former Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano.  Drummer Mike Tichy and bassist Joe Vigliotti round out the group and have backed Breuer for years during his stand up tours.  I even caught them crushing Metallica’s first “Orion Fest” in Atlantic City in 2012.

There’s definitely comedy mixed in throughout the album, weaved into each song through lyrics that tell stories that will make you bust a gut and more than likely shout “hey, that happened to me too”.  Take the song “Raising Teenage Girls” for example.  Breuer, who himself is a proud father, sings pretty much exactly what all of us dads who have daughters have thought or said throughout those hellacious teenage years.  He touches on dating, partying, and even menstrual cycles in this song that has a highly catchy chorus that I sung long after the song was over.

“Old School” is a track that pays homage to rock icons that paved the way for all of us metal heads!  Judas Priest, Ozzy, Zep, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Accept, the Scorpions, and others are all mentioned in some way in this hard rock beast.  Caggiano lays down a solo from hell and again the chorus is one that attaches to your brain and doesn’t let go.  Listen to this song first.  You’ll be impressed just how bad ass Breuer’s singing is!

Get ready to laugh your ass off and relive your partying years with the tune “Be a Dick 2nite”.  Breuer tells a story about that one dude in your squad who’s always ready for a party and goes full bore the whole night (except when the puking starts).  The video for the song follows this review.

Rock n Roll royalty joins the album as AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson lends a spoken word tune “My Rock n Roll Dream” that details his life in rock.  Caggiano and band mates back the song with a cool blues progression that kills.  Following “My Rock n Roll Dream” is the rocking track “Mr. Rock n Roll” which features Johnson and Breuer sharing vocal duties.  The guitar riff is right out of the AC/DC playbook and come on, Brian Johnson vocals just scream rock n roll!!!

The debut album “Songs from the Garage” from Jim Breuer and the Loud and Rowdy will no doubt be heard blasting from car stereos, blowing out ear buds, and fueling all nighters for all us rock animals!

“Clean Your Clock”
Recorded November 20 and 21, 2015 in Munich, Germany

Lemmy Kilmister
Phil Campbell
Mikkey Dee

Shallow Side
“One” EP

Release date: January 13, 2017
Label:  Thermal Entertainment




Cullman Alabama rockers Shallow Side are set to release their latest EP titled “One” January 13 through Thermal Entertainment.  If you patrol Youtube you already know these guys.  With over 1.2 million views just in the first two videos released from “One”, the singles “Rebel” and “Renegade”, it’s no wonder why Shallow Side was recently voted “Best New Artist” on

“One” is a six song nod to soulful rock and roll.  Shallow Side get their sound through passionate vocals (Eric Boatright), powerfully booming drums (Heath Fields), and riveting riffs (Cody Hampton and Seth Trimble).  For “One” Hampton also lays down the bass lines and Trimble adds keys that are sometimes upbeat, sometimes bordering on trancelike.

The EP opens with the anthemic sounding “We Roll”.  A fairly straightforward tune that relies on its simplicity to stand out.  Boatright’s vocals are at the forefront with a simple drum beat underneath and guitars that let the song breathe.  Add in the line “just like the Tide we roll” and fans of rock, the state of Alabama, and the Crimson Tide will all blast this tune!

Track two is the single “Rebel” which is a heavier rock track that continues the formula of letting the vocals lead the way and allow the band to play each instrument with the skill of a brain surgeon, knowing when to bring the power and balls and when to play it smooth and tight.

Next up is a cover of the Styx classic “Renegade”.  Most any band worth their weight in guitar strings can play a decent cover, copying it note for note, tab for tab, and being satisfied with playing a great tune.  However, few bands have the ability to take a legend of a song like “Renegade” and making it fit their sound while not bastardizing it.  Shallow Side’s version has all the lyrics us classic rock fans know sung at times with just a bit more seriousness enhanced with a sinister synth.  Guitars?  Yup, the guitars kick ass and are handled completely different for the most part and when you hear the chorus riff there’s a miniscule pause in the chord progression that electrifies the song.  There’s too much in this song to fully detail in words but check out the video
here and you’ll see what a great job Shallow Side does with “Renegade”

“Fight or Flight” is the band’s call to get off your ass and not give up.  The strong guitars make this probably the heaviest song on the album but again heavy is not what Shallow Side calls their bread and butter.  Rock is and this f’n song rocks!!!

Track five “Can You Hear Me” is another high energy tune that has lyrics that speak and provide a positive message and the EP wraps up with “Start a Fire”, a song that doesn’t let you forget that these guys know how to write a freakin song.   

If you’re in the Cullen, Alabama area January 13 you can catch Shallow Side at their cd release show at the Cullman Civic Center.  Otherwise tour dates are posted below.

Shallow Side are:
Eric Boatright (Vocals)
Cody Hampton (Bass/Guitar)
Seth Trimble (Guitar/Keyboard)
Heath Fields (Drums)


01-13-17 in Cullman, AL at Cullman Civic Center (CD Release Show & Kick Off)
02-01-17 in Knoxville, TN at The Open Chord
02-02-17 in Johnson City, TN at The Hideaway
02-03-17 in Spartanburg, SC at Ground Zero
02-04-17 in Jasper, AL at Jars 64
02-08-17 in St Louis, MO at The Firebird
02-10-17 in Junction City, KS at The Devils Tail
02-11-17 in Omaha, NE at Shamrocks Pub
02-12-17 in O'Neil, NE at The Chesterfield West
02-13-17 in Sioux Falls, SD at Bigs Bar
02-15-17 in Colorado Springs, CO at Sunshine Studios
02-17-17 in Las Vegas, NV at Radio Contraband Convention (performing awards night - private)
02-19-17 in Scottsdale, AZ at Rock Bar
04-29-17 in Las Vegas, NV at M Resort Spa Casino (Rock Into Spring)
05-27-17 in Madison, WI at Alliant Energy Center (Bratfest) ShallowSideBand/

Fans all over the world know Lemmy Kilmister, Phil Campbell, and Mikkey Dee.  They are Motorhead, and they play rock ‘n roll.  Although we’ll no longer have the chance to witness their talent and energy live in person, UDR Music thankfully captured one of the band’s last performances on audio and video.  Out now on CD, DVD, and vinyl is “Clean Your Clock”, an exceptional concert recorded at the Zenith in Munich, Germany during two dates November 20 and 21, 2015. 

With twenty-two albums, sales of over thirty million albums sold worldwide, thousands of shows, adored by millions of fans, Motorhead epitomize rock and roll.  For these shows in Munich a standing room only packed house helped welcome Motorhead to the stage as a large skeletal frame of a plane which doubled as the overhead lighting rig hovered above the crowd for the opening song “Bomber”. 

Lemmy dedicated “Doctor Rock” to Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor who passed away a week before these concerts were filmed.  Mikkey Dee lays down a massive drum solo during the song as well.  Phil Campbell (who in my opinion is one of the most underrated guitarists out there) lights it up with a solo that leads into “The Chase is Better Than The Catch”.   And throughout the performance, Lemmy’s bass is strong and violent standing out on each song.

Highlights are “Orgasmatron” which is performed with an eerie green light covering the stage and features parts of Phil’s guitar lighting up.  The band cuts it down to an acoustic set up for “Whorehouse Blues”;  Phil on acoustic lead, Mikkey on acoustic rhythm while also playing a bass drum and a high hat, and Lemmy standing stoic center stage singing and also playing the harmonica.  An epic treat!  For me “Lost Woman Blues” is phenomenal, as is the legendary “Ace of Spades”.

These shows were performed just over a month before Lemmy’s death from prostate cancer.  As one can imagine the rock icon looks frail, his face thin and gaunt and his hands shaky at times when holding the mic, but Lemmy’s playing is unmatched and the power in his voice is solid.  Motorhead live never failed to deliver, giving fans a legendary experience each and every time, and on “Clean Your Clock” Mikkey, Phil, and the immortal Lemmy Kilmister show us what a premiere rock concert is.


Clean Your Clock Tracklisting: 
Stay Clean
When The Sky Comes Looking For You
Over The Top
(Guitar Solo) The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
Lost Woman Blues
Rock It
Doctor Rock
Just ‘Cos You Got The Power
No Class
Ace Of Spades
Whorehouse Blues

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