Iron Monkey
Out October 20
Relapse Records

It’s been over 20 years since UK doom rockers Iron Monkey release a full-length album.  In Nottingham, England band split in 1999 and original singer J.P. Morrow passed away in 2002.  Now it’s 2017 and Iron Monkey is back and has released a brutal beast titled “9-13”.

Today’s line up for Iron Monkey is Jim Rushby (vocals and guitar) and on bass Steve Watson (both original band members) along with Scott Briggs on Drums.  What these three have created is furious aggression that plays heavy and hard.  Hold on to your asses while we go through a few of the songs here.
“9-13” starts off with the track “Crown of Electrodes”, a grimy sludge tune that rips with guitar chords so dark and distorted you’ll need an exorcism after listening to it.  Rushby’s vocals are psychotic and although I don’t know what he’s saying I really don’t give a shit because what is spewing from his mouth gives more gore to what’s battering my brain.  Solid way to kick off this album.

You’ll find no pussy fucking ballads on this album.   Take the title track “9-13”.  This song is brutally obscene in its dread.  The riff is nasty and with Watson’s bass following along it’s a whole other level of darkness.  Check out the video for the song here:

Our favorite song on Iron Monkey’s album “9-13” is “The Rope”, a song with only four words, a shit load of screams, and a diabolical doom guitar riff.  The song probably took 3 minutes to write but it’s everything doom metal should be; simple, heavy, slow and sinister.

You can hear the song “Omegamangler”
here.  Crippling in its distortion, immense in its sludge, mind-bending in its devastation.

“9-13” from Iron Monkey is simply a dark, devastating record. 

Track listing:
Crown of Electrodes
Toadcrucifier – R.I.P.PER
The Rope
Doomsday Impulse Multiplier
Moreland St. Hammervortex

Chelsea Grin

"Eternal Nightmare"

Out July 13, 2018 on Rise Records

review by Nick Doan


There's been a lot of “obstacles” that the, now four piece, metal band Chelsea Grin has faced recently.  With the news of their guitarist Jake Harmond leaving the band and the recent departure of their lead singer Alex Kohler Chelsea Grin left us wondering if their band would ever be the same. No worries though, former Lorna Shore singer Tom Barber has stepped up to the plate to take on vocal duties and has upgraded Chelsea Grin to an even more powerful and brutal force that's sure to move the deathcore genre.

The new official lineup for this band from Salt Lake City, Utah is Tom Barber (former Lorna Shore) on vocals, David Flinn on guitar, Stephen Rutishauser on bass and Pablo Viveros on drums.

‘Eternal Nightmare’ is the band's fifth full length studio album. This is by far the heaviest Chelsea Grin has sounded since their debut self-titled EP.  Barber brings the heat with his unrelenting vocal brutality. His new place in the band really has brought Chelsea Grin back to its roots and it's really nice to hear, speaking as a long term CG fan.  Flinn’s crunchy and ‘djenty’ guitar on this album seriously stands out.  Every song off of 'Eternal Nightmare' offers heavy breakdowns and no breakdown would be the same without out a slowed down drum track and Viveros brings the fire again on this album.  I feel with Chelsea Grin going the route of a four piece the drums stand out much more, which definitely isn't a bad thing. 

Chelsea Grin now has a vocalist with one of the best ranges in the deathcore community and the power that Barber brings is backed by one incredible band.  The first single the band released off the new album is ‘Dead Rose’.  Man does this song pack a punch. It opens up with an eerie sound then straight into a breakdown.   My favorite track off of 'Eternal Nightmares' is 'Hostage'.  Djenty riffs, powerful vocals, nice bass line and amazingly technical drums fill the entire song. The song has many impending breakdowns and is sure to move the entire live crowd. If you do happen to see this one live you may not come out alive. This is a mosh driven song for sure!

Another favorite off of this masterpiece of an album would have to be 'Cent of Evil'.   It has a nice fast pace to it and is one of those songs you’ll find yourself unexpectedly head-banding to in the car. It ends with a classic ‘BLEGH’ breakdown and it makes you want to punch someone directly in the jaw. 

I repeat, this has to be the heaviest album that Chelsea Grin has made. It is a work of art. From a wide heavy vocal range to the most jaw dropping breakdowns, 'Eternal Nightmare' is an album that will stay with Chelsea Grin for years to come.

Track List-

Dead Rose
The Wolf
Across The Earth
See You Soon
930 AM
Cent of Evil
Nobody Listened
Eternal Nightmares

Settle Your Scores
Better Luck Tomorrow

Out on April 13, 2018 on Sharptone Records

review by Nick Doan

Settle Your Scores is one of those bands you can listen to in any kind of mood. Their pop punk melodies with the occasional “Fuck Everyone" lyrics  will suit you anytime. And Settle Your Scores has the talent to bring it too. For being a newer band to the pop punk game, Settle Your Scores is on their way to stay with the release of ‘Better Luck Tomorrow’, the bands 2nd full length album.

The 5 piece band from Cincinnati, Ohio consists of Christian Fisher- Vocals, Ricky Uhlenbrock- Guitar / Vocals, Patrick Bryant- Guitar, Jeffrey Borer- Bass, and Caleb Smith- drums. 'Better Luck Tomorrow' has this vibe to it where every song you hear can make you feel euphoric. Its strong high pitched melodies fill the emptiness of your car or headphones with pure delight. 

The opening song ‘On the Count of Three’ foreshadows how great this album is. It starts with an evil breakdown which will make you wanna punch the poor bastard sitting next to you. The chorus has you thinkin' about living in the moment and not dealing with the bullshit of life. 'Zero Hero' is track two and may be the heaviest song off of 'Better Luck Tomorrow'. Settle Your Scores dropped a music video for 'Zero Hour' on April 13th. The song hits hard right off the bat and kicks in with a pop punk groove. Throughout the song you’ll find hints of heavy riffs that are sure to please.

The album ends with this wonderful acoustic song 'My Reason to Come Back Home'. It's another fav of mine from this album and everytime it comes on I end up getting it stuck in my head because of its catchy chorus. Towards the end of this song the whole band comes in behind the acoustics and really lets the song shine. 
'Better Luck Tomorrow' was released on April 13th. If you haven't yet picked it up be sure to grab it for Summer listening!  

Track List:
1. On the Count of Three
2. Zero Hour
3. Growing Pains
4. Dead Man Stalking
5. Keep Your Chin Up and Your Expectations Down
6. Stuck in the Suburbs
7. Rise / Fall
8. Off & On
9. No Ragrets
10. Your Teeth vs. the Pavement
11. Valar Morghulis
12. My Reason to Come Back Home

“Clean Your Clock”
Recorded November 20 and 21, 2015 in Munich, Germany

Lemmy Kilmister
Phil Campbell
Mikkey Dee

I’d say I know as much about Corey Taylor as the average American does.  I know he’s an iconic rock star who fronts the Grammy Award winning metal band Slipknot as well as the hard rock band Stone Sour.  I also know he’s a prolific author having written New York Times’ best sellers “Seven Deadly Sins”, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven”, and “You’re Making Me Hate You”.  And with the release of his latest book “America 51” (out on August 8th through Da Capo Press) Taylor provides his take on America and how American core values are seemingly deteriorating. 

For “America 51”, Taylor takes us through sequences of his life, from the childhood he grew up in (poor and sometimes homeless), to touring the world across continents and exotic islands.  With humorous stories, historical fact, and thought-provoking opinion he impresses upon the reader the ideology behind the stunning election of Trump.  The book is not a burdeonsome bitchfest from a guy who isn’t happy with the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election though.  On the contrary, Taylor gives clear examples on how America is changing, politically, socially, morally, and responsibly.

Racism, welfare, health care, jobs, religion, economy, Reagan, Obama, Hillary, Trump, Muslim ban, and many other issues important to America, or that should be important to America and Americans, are discussed.  As I said in the beginning, I know nothing more about Corey Taylor than anyone else.  But in reading “America 51” I find myself agreeing with most of what I read.  Some theories are controversial, some I don’t wholly agree with, but are we not living in the era of Trump?  Taylor puts the spotlight on things that as citizens who love this country need to look at and find out how to fix, or change, or make better.

By no means am I a political person, but I do love this country and understand the importance of politics in America.  With “America 51” Corey Taylor has given me much to think about.  Two weeks ago when I saw him perform in Camden, NJ with Stone Sour I could only appreciate him for the phenomenal songs he’s given us.  Now, after reading “America 51”, I appreciate him for being an individual with the balls to put on the table issues that truly need to be corrected so America can continue to be “The Greatest Country in the World”.

 Corey Taylor's Events for "America 51":

August 8 - Bookends (Ridgewood, NJ)

                     book signing 6pm EDT

August 9 - Barnes and Noble Union Square (New York, NY)

                      book signing 5-6:30pm EDT

August 10 - Book Revue (Huntington, NY)

                        Talk/book signing 7pm EDT

August 12 - Book Soup (West Hollywood, CA)

                        book signing 12pm PDT

Corey Taylor website

Pre-order America 51website

Corey Taylor

"America 51"  - A Probe Into the Realities That Are Hiding Inside "The Greatest Country in the World"
release date - August 8, 2017
Da Capo Press

Fans all over the world know Lemmy Kilmister, Phil Campbell, and Mikkey Dee.  They are Motorhead, and they play rock ‘n roll.  Although we’ll no longer have the chance to witness their talent and energy live in person, UDR Music thankfully captured one of the band’s last performances on audio and video.  Out now on CD, DVD, and vinyl is “Clean Your Clock”, an exceptional concert recorded at the Zenith in Munich, Germany during two dates November 20 and 21, 2015. 

With twenty-two albums, sales of over thirty million albums sold worldwide, thousands of shows, adored by millions of fans, Motorhead epitomize rock and roll.  For these shows in Munich a standing room only packed house helped welcome Motorhead to the stage as a large skeletal frame of a plane which doubled as the overhead lighting rig hovered above the crowd for the opening song “Bomber”. 

Lemmy dedicated “Doctor Rock” to Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor who passed away a week before these concerts were filmed.  Mikkey Dee lays down a massive drum solo during the song as well.  Phil Campbell (who in my opinion is one of the most underrated guitarists out there) lights it up with a solo that leads into “The Chase is Better Than The Catch”.   And throughout the performance, Lemmy’s bass is strong and violent standing out on each song.

Highlights are “Orgasmatron” which is performed with an eerie green light covering the stage and features parts of Phil’s guitar lighting up.  The band cuts it down to an acoustic set up for “Whorehouse Blues”;  Phil on acoustic lead, Mikkey on acoustic rhythm while also playing a bass drum and a high hat, and Lemmy standing stoic center stage singing and also playing the harmonica.  An epic treat!  For me “Lost Woman Blues” is phenomenal, as is the legendary “Ace of Spades”.

These shows were performed just over a month before Lemmy’s death from prostate cancer.  As one can imagine the rock icon looks frail, his face thin and gaunt and his hands shaky at times when holding the mic, but Lemmy’s playing is unmatched and the power in his voice is solid.  Motorhead live never failed to deliver, giving fans a legendary experience each and every time, and on “Clean Your Clock” Mikkey, Phil, and the immortal Lemmy Kilmister show us what a premiere rock concert is.

Clean Your Clock Tracklisting: 
Stay Clean
When The Sky Comes Looking For You
Over The Top
(Guitar Solo) The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
Lost Woman Blues
Rock It
Doctor Rock
Just ‘Cos You Got The Power
No Class
Ace Of Spades
Whorehouse Blues

Order Clean Your Clock here:
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Sebastian Bach online:




Sebastian Bach
“18 and Life on Skid Row”
out on paperback November 14, 2017
Dey Street Books


In a recent Twitter post, as he was travelling back from a successful Australian tour, Sebastian Bach posted a pic of himself (part of him anyway) with Bruce Springsteen’s new book “Born To Run”  keeping him company on the flight back to LAX.  In case you dear reader find yourself looking for a good read yourself, perhaps as you travel to see family this holiday season, Sebastian’s own book “18 and Life on Skid Row” will be available on paperback November 14th through Dey Street Books.   Released in hardcover at the end of last year, you now have another chance to pick up this gateway into the life of one of rock’s biggest stars!!   

“18 and Life on Skid Row” is 424 pages detailing the life of Skid Row’s lead singer, from childhood to arena rock star.  The book takes you to Canada where Bach’s musical dream formed and you’ll understand just how important music was in getting this young kid through life.  You’ll hear about the early band’s he played in and the strong bonds formed with musicians he was surrounded by.  Band members became brothers, fight for the band and fight for your brothers. 

Bach details the heartbreaking call he had to make to take a chance on becoming a musician in the States.  And then of course there’s his time in Skid Row, a band from the New Jersey area that grew to demolish stages and cities all across the globe.  Bach takes you into the garage during practices, into the studio during recording, on the tour bus while on the road, and on stage during sold out show after sold out show.

The music, the fans, the cops, the drugs, the women, the sex, the parties, the celebrities, the money…you hear about all of it.  And for those of you who, like me, grew up in the New Jersey area, hearing the stories about Sayreville, Red Bank, Manalapan and more is surreal when in the context of having to do with one of the biggest bands from the MTV era.

Sebastian Bach tells it all in “18 and Life on Skid Row”, a true insight into the rock n roll life, on and off the stage.

There are so many bands out today performing soul-crushing metal across many genres and really only a handful that seem to buck trends and set out to create something unique.  Rarer yet is it when one of these bands is an unsigned band.  New Jersey’s Vicious Circle is one of these bands who are creating music that stands out for its brutality, uniqueness, and sheer violence.

On July 27th Vicious Circle self-released a four song taste of devastation titled “Unearthed Precision” on iTunes.  18 minutes of hell on earth that’s explosive musically and eye-opening vocally.  Vicious Circle feature vocalist Brian Cook, guitarist Vinny DiBianca, bassist Mel Leach, and drummer Ryan Hill.  The foursome returns after a seven year absence and have put together four terrifying songs to power the Summer party.

“Killing Culture” leads off the EP with DiBianca setting the pace with quick riffs and Hill following suit on the drums.  The time changes in the song, the varied intensity of the guitar licks, and Cook’s unrelenting vocals prepare you for what these guys have happening throughout “Unearthed Precision”.   

The second track “Fear Everything” is a guitar enthusiast’s wet dream!  DiBianca lays down some blistering licks and ultra-power chords that set up an explosive little solo fit with all the metal tricks us guitar lovers wait for.  By the end of “Fear Everything” you begin to see that Vicious Circle do not play by the rules, they set them.  Music that goes one way, vocals that go another.  Cook is so strong and guttural in his vocals and like I said earlier he’s just unrelenting.  It’s like a fighter who knows his opponent is done for but keeps on battering and laying the hurt no matter if the towel’s thrown in or not.  He just can’t be stopped!

“The Pain is the Salvation” has a bludgeoning bass line from Leach and filled with lines from Cook that make you think.   “….blessed be they pain……the pain is salvation”, “today’s the day the world will know my anger, today’s the day the world will feel my pain”, “the pain is my religion…..religion is my pain” .  The music behind the vocals fit with its bass heavy undertones giving the whole song a dark, deadly feel. 

“Unearthed Precision” wraps with “Since Oblivion” and finishes as it started;  fast guitar, battering drums, Cook’s screams from the underworld, and solid metal unique to Vicious Circle.  The only thing close I’ve heard on this level (music with multiple tempo changes over  vocals that follow their own path) has been Philip H. Anselmo’s work with Scour and with The Illegals. 

Vicious Circle has something special here with “Unearthed Precision”.  Metal 2018 sounds badass!

Track Listing:

Killing Culture
Fear Everything
The Pain is the Salvation
Since Oblivion

Vicious Circle is:
Brian Cook – Vocals
Vinny DiBianca – Guitars
Mel Leach – Bass
Ryan Hill – Drums

Vicious Circle
"Unearthed Precision"
Released July 27, 2018
Self-released EP out now on iTunes