Metal Blade 35th Anniversary tour review
Whitechapel, Cattle Decapitation, Allegaeon, Necromancing the Stone
Theater of the Living Arts

Philadelphia, PA
Feb 23, 2017

Not even the flu could prevent me from catching the Metal Blade 35th anniversary tour when it came to the TLA in Philly Thursday night.

Pittsburgh metallers Necromancing the Stone kicked off the show after the local bands go the crowd buzzing.  Big John Williams came out and led the band through a quick set that rocked.  His melodic voice blasted off the walls of the TLA and the band lit it up as the crow ate up the NTS metal.  Riley from Allegaeon came out and helped sing the final song in the set.

Allegaeon took over next and powered through a set that included songs from “Proponent of Sentience” which was released in September.  I’ve been a huge fan of these dudes and finally I was able to see them live.  Sometimes when you see a band live they don’t live up to your expectations but man Allegaeon absolutely did.  Riley paces the stage like a caged jaguar and the technical guitar work was phenomenal live.

By the time Cattle Decapitation hit the stage I was pretty much soaked, partly due to the incredible metal music and partly due to the flu!!  But Christ the second time seeing Cattle live was amazing.  Singer Travis Ryan wanders the stage with a maniacal presence and when he belts out each song he seemingly becomes borderline possessed.  He sings with rage and whether leading the band through “Forced Gender Reassignment”, “We Are Horrible People” or one of the many other songs that tore through Philly, Ryan performed with such expressive violence.  Watching drummer Dave McGraw is an exercise in intensity.  The energy McGraw exudes during a set is epic and it’s mind-blowing trying to figure out how the hell he can play so fast.  Cattle represented their current album “The Anthropocene Extinction” by performing “Manufactured Extinct”, The Prophets of Loss”, “Apex Blasphemy”, “Circo Inhumanitas” and “Pacific Grim”.

Unfortunately after the Cattle set I felt like death and was forced to leave for the night so I missed the Whitechapel set but having seen these guys so many times live (and as recent as last year) I have no doubt  they crushed it!!!

Brian Slagel and Metal Blade Records has over the years given us music from Slayer, Rigor Mortis, Flotsam and Jetsam,  Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore, and so many incredible bands and they continue to showcase some of the best metal bands as the 35th anniversary continues its march across the states.

Cattle Decapitation setlist:

Manufactured Extinction

The Prophets of Loss

Your Disposal

Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)

We Are Horrible People

Circo Inhumanitas

Apex Blasphemy

Forced Genter Reassignment

Pacfic Grim

Kingdom of Tyrants