It's rare to go to a rock show and be impressed by the opening band.  It's rarer to go to a rock show and remember the opening band a few days later.  It's even rarer when it's a local band who impresses at a rock show and that you actually remember a few days later.  Philadelphia's LEFT TO VANISH is one of those rare bands.

We saw Left To Vanish open for In Hearts Wake, Fit For A King, Like Moths To Flames, and Phinehas November 21st at Voltage Lounge.  Four very solid, very impressive bands and yet we're still talking about the crushing set Philly's Left To Vanish put on.

This band has a high energy singer who marches across the stage like a caged lion.    And when his mouth opens he vocalizes brutality.  Their guitarists, bassist, drummer.....intense!!  Heavy fuckin' grooves that practically brainwash the crowd into a pack of rabid dogs. 

Left To Vanish will have a new album out soon.  I suggest heading over to their Facebookpage, like them, and be prepared to hear the aggressive sound of heavy fucking metal!!!


Left To Vanish

Nov 21, 2017

Voltage Lounge, Philly

opening for In Hearts Wake and Fit For A King