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Art of Anarchy guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal gave us a call to discuss the band's newest album "The Madness" which came out on March 24th.

We spoke about the band which now has former Creed frontman Scott Stapp as it's singer (replacing former vocalist Scott Weiland) joining former Disturbed bassist John Moyer, guitarist Jon Votta, and drummer Vince Votta.  "The Madness" is the band's second album and will be played in it's entirety on the upcoming tour which starst in Amityville, NY on April 3rd.

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Betraying The Martyrs released their latest album "the Resilient" January 27 through Sumerian Records.  The album is a brutal effort that continues to show the bands ability to bring topical ideas to it's fans through bludgeoning music and poignant lyrics.

Singer Aaron Matts recently answered a few questions of our that shows real insight into the band and "The Resilient".

Musicfrenzy -    I Interviewed you guys on the Mayhem Festival in 2012.  I remember the band just killed it that day on the Sumerian stage.  “Breathe In Life” had come out in the fall of 2011.  Spending the Summer on tour with Slipknot, Slayer, Anthrax what did that exposure do for the band?

Aaron Matts That's crazy, nice to 'meet' you again haha! That was an incredible experience for us all, not long after having our first album out and being propelled to the forefront of the industry like that was a dream come true.  It definitely helped to expose us to the American public and that's thanks to Sumerian Records for backing the band! 

MF -  Album 3 “The Resilient” comes out today on Sumerian Records.  Congrats on such a masterful album.  Each song sounds so big and they all have multiple layers (heavy vocals, clean vocals, brutal guitars, piano) Was this an easy album to make?

AM -  Thanks a lot mate! To answer your question, it was in no way easy.  We put an insane amount of effort into making this cd perfect in our eyes, but at the same time, we knew exactly where we wanted to go and do that it came together naturally and smoothly.  It was a perfect experience with a great outcome! 

MF -  We played “Lost For Words” on last week’s show,  The brutality of your vocals, the epic feel added by the choir, and the killer guitars made this one a no brainer to play. What made this song the right one to open the album?

AM -  Awesome, thanks for putting us out there! I guess there's a few factors that came into play.  For example the rain sounds at the beginning which gave a sense of coming out of the storm and into the light with this new cd, the epic intro, and the showcase of everything that makes us who we are is condensed into the first minute, so it was a simple choice to make. 

MF -  The video is so well done.  What was the video shoot like?

AM -  For me it was hell haha! I was sick, it was cold, they were waterboarding me in the cold.  It wasn't a nice experience as far as that is concerned, but working with Igor (who also shot the "Great Disillusion" video) is always a pleasure and he made it a fun day! 

MF -   The other single released is “The Great Disillusion”   Lyrically what’s the song about?

AM -  This song was written from the perspective of a person who  ran to seek refuge in another country, only to be faced with hostility and negativity when there was promise of a better life.  With the current European climate this is something we see on a daily basis. 

MF -  Throughout the album hearing how you and Victor’s vocals play off each is so impressive man.  How much work goes into deciding when the clean vocals are turned on?

AM -   It's pretty natural.  Me and Victor bounce well off of each other.  During the writing process it's pretty clear what kind of riff calls for clean vocals for example in the choruses, but then in the studio we always have extra ideas where Victor can pop in and do his thing.  We're super open to it, he does a great job!! 

MF -  “Won’t Back Down”  Is the concept of the song from the bands point of view or of today’s youth or some other idea?

AM -  "Won't Back Down" was written for the sole purpose of remembering those lost in the Paris Bataclan attacks and other attacks around this time.  It's written from the point of view of France, as a nation and as a people. 

MF -   What affect did the Bataclan terrorist attack have on the band, professionally or personally?

AM -  A huge effect.  This particular attack was directed at the alternative music scene.  Never has there been a tragedy that has hit so close to home for us.  We had to take care of friends who were present at the venue that night.  Friends were lost.  It hit us and everyone within the scene particularly hard. It has only made us stronger.

MF -  Betraying The Martyrs have made a career of having very heavy vocals and music along with incredible melodic vocals.  Suicide Silence (who the band has toured with) puts out 1 song that has limited clean vocals and the world implodes.   Have you heard “Doris” and what are your thoughts Aaron?

AM -   That's true.  The Internet went nuts for a week straight over that track! Yeah I've heard the track. I'm gonna sit on the fence with this one.  As a fan of the original Suicide Silence sound, and also a fan of the idea of evolution, I respect that they're seeking new horizons.  You wish them the best and I hope that people will respect them for that too. 

MF -  March 2nd European tour with Chelsea Grin.   Have you toured with Chelsea before?  Great guys!  Stoked for the tour?

AM -   Absolutely! We've toured with them before and they are awesome guys! Super stoked just to get out there and party! 

MF -  Any U.S. dates on the horizon?

AM -    It's in the works! We have our team working on getting us over there again so keep your eyes peeled for our next tour!! 

MF -    Well, whoever buys this album today better set plenty of time aside for listening Aaron because it’s very hard to listen to it just one time.  

AM -  Thanks so much and thanks for your time mate.  Take care!! 

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Betraying The Martyrs

Interview with Aaron Matts

January 30, 2017

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