In This Moment

"Return of the Dreads" tour with Korn and Rob Zombie

September 2, 2016

BB&T Pavilion - Camden, NJ

This Summer Maria Brink, Chris Howorth, and their mates of In This Moment have been given the task of prepping the crowd on the "Return of the Dreads" tour with Korn and Rob Zombie.  They open the show each night and with their hard driving music and stage theatrics they are more than up to the task.

I was first introduced to In This Moment in 2012 when I saw them in Columbus, OH at Rock on the Range and in Holmdel, NJ while on the Uproar Festival.  Their music blew me away and still does.  Their crushing riffs and Maria's infectious voice (and gorgeous look) sucked me in.  2012 they impressed me as a band that would continue to grow and make killer tunes.

In This Moment are on the road promoting their latest album "Black Widow", an album that has it's high points but misses it's mark a few times vocally.  For their live show the band has added two women who flank Maria, one on each side.  The three women have choreographed movements to the heavy music.  For me, it's too much.  The "pop music" style of choreographing stage shows to me is just not necessary in metal.  In 2012 In This Moment were raw and aggressive.  In 2016 they are an over the top group that look too commercial.  I love the music.....HATE the stage show.  And the moans and squeals in Maria's voice when addressing the crowd made her the butt of many jokes with the people in the area I was in.  Again, just trying to hard.

Here's hoping In This Moment returns to the simplistic aggressive heaviness that got them to the dance.

Set List:
Sick Like Me

Black Widow



Sex Metal Barbie