Bang and Whimper 2017
HIM, CKY & 3Teeth

The Fillmore, Philly

November 15, 2017

This fall HIM embarked on the North American leg of their farewell tour “Bang and Whimper 2017” with special guests CKY and 3Teeth. HIM has had a successful twenty-six year career, but have now decided to call it quits.  Before they do they are going to tour as far and wide as possible.  

We were lucky enough to catch this tour at The Fillmore in Philadelphia. 3Teeth was the first band to go on.  3Teeth are an industrial metal band from Los Angeles, CA who had a brief but awesome set.  They have a new album < shutdown.exe > released in May.

The second band was Philadelphia’s own CKY.  Phil and April Margera, drummer Jess Margera’s parents, introduced the band and started the chant “CKY, CKY, CKY….”.  The band hit the stage and started the set with a CKY classic “The Human Drive in Hi-Fi”.  They played for quite a while playing songs from each album, from older tunes like “96 Quite Bitter Beings” to brand new songs like “Replaceable” off their latest album "The Phoenix" which was released this past June.  They ended the set with a cover of the Turbonegro song “All My Friends Are Dead” with Bam Margera on vocals.

Finally it was time for HIM’s last show in Philly.  The stage was empty except for the kick drum with the heartagram logo on it lit and the sound of “Bye Bye Love” by the Everly Brothers playing. The band casually entered the stage and started off with “Buried Alive by Love”.  HIM played all the hits and fan favorites in a twenty-one song set, including “Your Sweet Six Six Six”, “Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly”, “Soul on Fire”, “Killing Loneliness” and more.

The volume at the Fillmore seemed like it was lower then it should have been, but through the set the crowd got more and more enthused and it didn’t seem to matter that much. Then the show came to a screeching halt in the middle of “Heartkiller”. Band members had a brief discussion and the show continued to go on as if nothing had happened.  Even with the minor glitches HIM performed amazingly and the audience sang along throughout the whole show.

HIM played two songs for the encore “Razorblade Kiss” and “Rebel Yell”, a cover of the Billy Idol song. Ville’s voice is perfect for it.  Philadelphia will miss HIM, especially Ville’s voice and Linde’s awesome guitar solos. Hopefully we will see them again soon with Daniel Lioneye or other projects. Maybe even in five or ten years we’ll see a reunion tour.

~Megan Brooks