Another Crowbar tour, another stop in the City of Brotherly Love…..Philadelphia!  Home of the cheesesteak, home of the soft pretzel, and home to a legion of CROWBAR fans!

The sweltering hot depths of the Underground Arts hosted the return to Philly of Kirk Windstein, Matt Brunson, Tommy Buckley, and Todd Strange.  The foursome from New Orleans are currently out on the “One Foot in the Grave” tour with Carcass, Ghoul, and Night Demon.  The Underground Arts crowd has the freedom of walking right up to the stage, no barriers or photo pit area prevents fans from getting right up and personal with bands.  Night Demon from Ventura, CA opened the show followed by Creepsylvania residents Ghoul.  After two energetic sets of crushing metal it was time for CROWBAR to do what they do oh so well.

Kirk’s beard took to the mic followed quickly by the man himself as the band kicked off their set with the song “Conquering” off their ’96 album “Broken Glass”.  It’s one thing to hear the sludge sound of Crowbar through your earbuds but man hearing their gloriously dark and heavy riffs live is the ONLY way to truly get a feel for their power.  The band looked good and sounded even better.  Kirk had on a black and yellow t-shirt that read “CROWBAR” across the front and “Black and Gold till I’m Dead and Cold” on the back.  Being a Pittsburgh Steeler fan I’d like to think it was a salute to them, but I have a feeling it was more of a nod to his hometown of New Orleans.

Kirk gave a nod to his longtime drummer Tommy Buckley (who also performs with sludge gods Soilent Green) before the Philly circle pit enveloped everyone in its wake as the band fired up “The Cementary Angels”.  “Walk With Knowledge Wisely”, the hit from CROWBAR’s latest release “Symmetry in Black”, sounded phenomenal and the Philly fans went batshit crazy when the deep guttural opening guitar riff blew out from the stage.  CROWBAR classics “All I Had (I Gave)” and “Planets Collide” of course made it into the night’s set as did the band’s unique take on the Led Zeppelin hit “No Quarter”.

No nonsense heaviness is what CROWBAR embodies, and once again Philadelphia turned out in force to get their fill.



High Rate Extinction

To Build a Mountain

The Cemetary Angels

Walk With Knowledge Wisely

No Quarter (zep cover)

All I had (I Gave)

Planets CollideLike Broken Glass

August 3, 2016
Underground Arts
Philadelphia, Pa