The Tardy Brothers are back in town!  Don and John Tardy and their band OBITUARY took apart Philadelphia on April 15th on the last night of the Decibel Magazine Tour with Kreator, Midnight, and Horrendous.

Last time I saw Obituary in Philly they opened with their smash "Redneck Stomp".  Surprisingly tonight not only did the band NOT open with "Redneck Stomp" but they didn't play it at all.  And guess what?  It didn't matter.  The band put on a crushing set and Philly fans ate that shit up!!  Not even a snare drum issue could stop Don and the guys tonight .

With 10 studio albums  in their catalog it's not hard for Obituary to put together a sick set of tunes.  Hearing their latest songs "Sentence Day" and "Ten Thousand Ways To Die" played alongside  "Internal Bleeding" and  "Slowly We Rot" (from their debut album) you can see where the band has gone musically.    They continue to be loud and heavy with maturity in their guitar riffs and drums that bash your head in.

It's early in the year and here's hoping that after a break OBITUARY hit the road yet again!!

Set List:

Internal Bleeding

Chopped In Half

Turned Insideout

Visions in My Head

Sentence Day

A Lesson In Vengeance

Find The Arise

Ten Thousand Ways to Die


Til Death

Don't Care

Slowly We Rot

Amon Amarth

Jomsviking US Tour 2017


TLA, Philadelphia, PA

Battle Beast
The Trocadero
Philadelphia, PA
4/20/ 2017
on tour with Sabaton

In The Presence of Wolves

The Trocadero, Philly

June 2017


Theater of the Living Arts

Philadelphia, PA

December 17, 2016

on tour with Children of Bodom

Dark Sermon

The Coffin Dragger Tour
Thy Art Is Murder, Rings of Saturn, Fit For An Autopsy
Gamechanger  – Howell, NJ

I’ll start by saying that it’s been awhile since I’ve seen an audience so enthralled with an on stage performance like the one Tampa, FL soul-crushers Dark Sermon displayed May 14 in New Jersey.  Half the crowd seemed to be unsure what to make of the band, half were embracing the massive mosh pit, and at least the front two rows were outright terrified. 

Dark Sermon vocalist Johnny Crowder becomes a vessel for voodoo and most definitely likes it that way, at least while on stage.  He belts out the most hellacious metal lyrics while fixating on a skull jaw bone. He leads his band of brothers through note after brutal note while “blessing” the crowd with some kind of burning, smoking incense shit.  He slays the crowd while blowing through a ram horn.  And even shrouds himself in a pagan-esque veil.

Musically the band crushes, currently playing cuts from their latest offering “The Oracle”, and the Jersey metal freaks blew the doors off the joint with a huge pit and rows upon rows of fists in the air.  Fans in the front were talking to one another saying how Crowder “scares the hell out of me” and from what I could see the majority of the crowd was waiting to see what unholy display was going to happen next.

Very solid musically, completely entertaining on stage Dark Sermon tore shit up in New Jersey!


Starland Ballroom

Sayreville, NJ

March 11, 2017

on tour with Overkill

Over the past year I've heard and read so much about the UK band TesseracT that I've been patiently waiting for them to come around to the Philadelphia area so I could check them out in person.  What better time to see them then on their current tour with giants Megadeth and Meshuggah?

On a Tuesday night at The Fillmore TesseracT came out to a Philly crowd eagerly anticipating two of metal's most iconic behemoths.  Not an easy spot to be in for sure.  However, TesseracT pulled it off by performing a stellar set that clearly went over well with the audience and primed them for more amazing music.

One thing that hit me quick was the ease at which Daniel, Amos, James, Jay and Acle perform together.  The guys definitely are not new to the game.  Each song they play is built  to let Daniel's vocals pierce the room on their own or play the softer ocunterpart of James and Acle's guitar brutality.

Barefoot bassist Amos Williams brings the low groove while drummer Jay Postones provides the beats that energize the TesseracT sound.  And then there are James Monteith and Acle  Kahney, two musicians that are a force together on the guitar.  They turn a song from a ballad to a bruiser with one power chord or one hellacious lead.  The band is fun to watch, fun to listen to, and  even when given the task of performing ahead of Megadeth and Meshuggah know how to hold their own.


Theater of the Living Arts

Philadelphia, PA

December 17, 2016

on tour with Children of Bodom

Good Charlotte

April 18, 2016

Philadelphia, PA

A long time ago....in a city called Philadelphia, the Star Wars themed metal band Galactic Empire came to rule over all who entered the confines of The Trocadero as part of the Wizard World Comic Con.

Dark Vader (lead guitar), Shadow Ranger (guitar), Red Guard (guitar), Bass Commander (bass), and Boba Sett (drums) are the collective known as Galactic Empire.  This metal army from a galaxy far, far away released their debut album this past February.  Skillfully taking the music of John Williams and infusing it with pure metal.  The result is Star Wars turned up to 11!

Philly fans old and young, fans of Star Wars and fans of metal music, all came out and filled The Trocadero as Galactic Empire came on stage and performed the opening "Main Theme".  A couple teens were able to start up a mosh pit during the band's set and it truly felt like a metal concert on another planet.  

Classic Star Wars music like "The Imperial March" (from "Empire Strikes Back"), "The Throne Room" (from "A New Hope"), and "Duel of the Fates" (from "The Phantom Menace") were all played with precision by the costumed musicians and got many to bang their heads.

Set list:

Main Theme

The Imperial March

The Force Theme

Across The Stars

Battle of the Heroes

Cantina Band

The Forest Battle

The Throne Room/ End Title

Duel of the Fates

Swallow The Sun

Starland Ballroom

Sayreville, NJ

March 11, 2017

on tour with Overkill

The Trocadero
Philadelphia, PA
4/20/ 2017
"The Last Tour"

Epic!  That's how I sum up last night's Corrosion of Conformity set in Reading, Pa at the Santander Arena.  Opening a night of hard rock that was headlined by Lamb of God and included Clutch, COC tore it up, pleasing the hardcore COC fans while no doubt making new ones. 

The set started with bassist Mike Dean and drummer Reed Mullin taking the stage first and laying down a sludge groove that turned into "Paranoid Opioid" once guitarist Woody Weatherman and singer/guitarist Pepper  Keenan joined in.  As good as COC tunes sound on cd/vinyl they sound bigger and fuller live.  The guys had a short set but damn it if they didn't knock it out hard and heavy.  It amazes me every time I hear "Albatross" live just how epic that song is and big it goes over with the crowd.  For a song that was written by Mullin and Keenan over 20 years ago (and which was dedicated last night by Keenan to the guys from Clutch) "Albatross" still blows minds.  As does the song that closed the COC set, "Clean My Wounds".  An extended version of the track had everyone singing and gave Keenan time to introduce the band and promise the Reading fans that the band was writing a new album and would be back around in 2017.

Upcoming tour dates include Corrosion of Conformity performing at the inaugural Rock 'N Derby in upstate NY. 

Set List

Paranoid Opioid

Broken Man

Seven Days

The Door

Vote With A Bullet


Clean My Wounds

The Fillmore
Philadelphia, PA
June 27, 2017

on tour with Megadeth and Meshuggah

Power Trip has had a very solid year.    They released their new album "Nightmare Logic"in February, scored "Best Metal Song of the Year"at the Loudwire Music Awards for their song "Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)", and spent the past month on tour with Cannibal Corpse.  The tour stopped in Philly at the Theater of the Living Arts on November 30th.

I last saw Power Trip perform in Philly at the Underground Arts  as support for The Black Dahlia Murder.  This time around I was prepared for their high energy set and the band kept the pedal floored for the whole set.  Frontman Riley Gale is so intense on stage.  Fans of the band's music know how good a singer Gale is, but if you haven't seen him perform live you need to.  Spot on vocals, good interaction with the crowd, and volatile on stage with his leaps and jumps.

Knowing the band is touring Europe next year and so far has been announced to perform in the US at the Welcome to Rockville Festival here's hoping that Power Trip come back to the Philadelphia area!



on tour with AMON AMARTH

Jomsviking US Tour 2017
TLA, Philadelphia, PA

  • George Kollias12:01

The City of Brotherly Love welcomed all it's viking friends to the Theatre of the Living Arts Monday night May 8th as Swedish death metallers AMON AMARTH took over the city for the night.

Johan Hegg and crew of the "Jomsviking US Tour" headlined with only one supporting band....GOATWHORE!

Amon Amarth performed an epic set with their signature viking ship (at least the bow of one) adorning center stage.  It's always a great night when your favorite tunes are played and for me hearing "First Kill", "Deceiver of the Gods", "Cry of the Black Birds", and "Death in Fire" made this Monday night show killer!

Gatecreeper has spent the last month on the road with Cannibal Corpse , touring in support of their latest album "Sonoran Depravation".  The tour came to Philadelphia on Nov. 30, 2017...Gatecreeper kicked off the night.

This was my first time seeing Gatecreeper live and I hope it's not my last.    These dudes from Arizona killed it and I feel that the crowd completely embraced their music.    Heavy, head-banging songs with intense guitars and dark vocals.

Find out more about Gatecreeper by visiting them online:




The Pursuit of Vikings
As Loke Falls
First Kill
The Way of Vikings
At Dawn's First Light
Cry of the Black Birds
Deceiver of the Gods
Free Will Sacrifice
Destroyer of the Universe
Death in Fire
Under the Northern Star
Father of the Wolf
Live for the Kill
War of the Gods

  • Galactic Empire10:09

Galactic Empire

The Trocadero

Philadelphia, PA

June 3, 2017


on tour with Cannibal Corpse

Theater of the Living Arts, Philly

Nov 30, 2017


Abysmal Predator tour opening for

The Black Dahlia Murder &  Napalm Death

Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PA

November 12, 2016

Death metal beasts Abnormality  came to the Underground Arts in Philadelphia Saturday night as they opened for The Black Dahlia Murder and Napalm Death.  Supporting their sophomore release this year "Mechanisms Of Omniscience" the Massachusetts squad came to decimate their fans, new and old. 

Fronted by Mallika Sundaramurthy, Abnormality took the stage and got the early crowd fired up for a night of heavy, heavy tunes.   Playing songs from "Mechanisms" as well as their 2012 release "Contaminating the Hive Mind"  the band wasted little time in getting the point across that they are badass and brutalizing.

Though Abnormality only had time for six songs, each one was pulled off with surgical precision and was giving resounding applause from the Philly crowd.

Abnormality  continue on this tour until the end of November.

Set List:

Hatred Relentless


Chaos Reserved For Giants

Mechanisms of Omniscience

Cymatic Hallucinations

Fabrications of the Enemy

Abnormality is:

Mallika Sundaramurthy: Vocals
Jay Blaisdell: Drums
Josh Staples: Bass
Sam Kirsch: Guitar
Jeremy Henry: Guitar


Corrosion of Conformity

May 8, 2016

Reading, Pa

Opener for Lamb of God and Clutch


Decibel Magazine Tour

TLA Philly

April 15, 2017

  • Mikko Kotamaki8:35


Theater of the Living Arts

Philadelphia, PA

December 17, 2016

on tour with Children of Bodom

Power Trip
on tour with Cannibal Corpse
Theater of the Living Arts, Philly
Nov 30, 2017