Cannibal Corpse

Red Before Black tour

Theater of the Living Arts, Philadelphia PA

November 30, 2017

November 30, 2017 was one epic day in Philadelphia.  We had an actual fucking earthquake hit the area (a very rare occurrance for us pussies in the Northeast) then we witnessed Cannibal Corpse takeover our beloved TLA (thankfully this is not as rare an occurrance).  This time around, touring in support of their fourteenth album "Red Before Black", the Buffalo, NY death metal purveyors played a jam packed set of head crushers for the City of Brotherly Love. 

Icons in every facet of the word, Cannibal Corpse look like behemoths on stage with their leader George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher blasting out deep, horrifyingly deep,  vocals.  The aggressiveness of their first song of the set "Code of the Slashers" tore through the crowd and set off a chaotic stream of fists, bodies, and bludgeoning pit energy.

For those who have the new album "Red Before Black"  you know how sick the album is.  Hearing the songs live alongside Corpse monsters like "Scourge of Iron", "Evisceration Plague", "Kill or Become", and Hammer Smashed Face"  is simply impressive.  Fourteen albums and the band hasn't missed a beat.  Fans tonight  rocked just as hard to "Scavenger Consuming Death" as they did to "I Cum Blood".  The Corpse sound is a battle cry for aggressive mayhem and witnessed live you feel the full assault of what makes Cannibal Corpse the metal icons they are.

Set List:

Code of the Slashers

Only One Will Die

Red Before Black

Evisceration Plague

Kill or Become

Scourge of Iron

Scavenger Consuming Death

The Wretched Spawn

Corpus Delicti

Devoured by Vermin

Pounded Into Dust


I Cum Blood

Stripped, Raped, and Strangled

Hammer Smashed Face