Avenged Sevenfold

June 21,2017

BB&T Pavillion - Camden, NJ

(Philly make-up show)

Review by Cameron Kressler

Photos by John Doan

Just two hours before seeing Avenged Sevenfold I didn't even know I was going to the show. My buddy called me up... "Cameron. I have an extra ticket to see Sevenfold tonight. Come with." So of course I said " yes". 

Avenged Sevenfold, (M. Shadows, Zacky Vengeance, Synyster Gates, Johnny Christ and Brooks Wackerman) are currently on "The Stage World Tour".  This show was a make up for the May 12th Philadelphia show with Metallic in which A7x had to skip due to the birth of Synyster's child.  Philly/Camden came heavy tonight and was treated to one hell of a show.

After a very entertaining set by local band Everlit it was time for Sevenfold to take over the BB&T Pavillion.  The band kicked things off by performing the title track to their latest album "The Stage".  Right then, my love for A7X flowed back through me. The pits opened up and from then on, the entire show was a rush. Avenged Sevenfold alone sounded amazing, but the sense of community was equivalent. The rabid Sevenfold fans in the pit went from breaking some man's knee in the beginning of the show to carrying an 8 year old boy (Ayden) on their shoulders and helped him start his own circle pit.

"Hail To The King" sounded epic live.  Add in the vocals of thousands of fans and it was the first goosebump moment of the night.  The second single off  "The Stage", the song "God Damn" kicked ass, as did  "Paradigm" and "Sunny Disposition" (songs also from "The Stage").  It was evident that tonight's crowd had the album and played the shit out of it because the majority were singing along to all four of these new songs.

"So Far Away" (the band's tribue to The Rev) was another goosebump moment.  And hearing Brooks' drum solo only one word came to mind.....insane!

Most of you know how electric Avenged Sevenfold are live.  Tonight in Camden, the band tore it up and came prepared to energize the fans and The Stage......mission accomplished!!!

Set list:
The Stage

Hail To The King
Buried Alive
So Far Away (Tribute to The Rev)
Brooks Wackerman drum solo
Almost Easy
Sunny Disposition
Warmness the Soul
Acid Rain
Bat Country
A Little Piece of Heaven
Unholy Confessions (personally my favorite due to it being my first cover song I performed with my first band)