Philip H. Anselmo (Superjoint)                                                     Billy Morrison (solo artist and Billy Idol guitarist)
Matt "Youngy" Young (King Parrot)                                             Tommy Victor (Prong)
(Jimmy Bower and Stephen Taylor)
Francesco Artusato
(All Shall Perish, Devil You Know)                Francheska Pastor (Bad Seed Rising)
Ricky Phillips (Styx)                                                                      Max Cavalera (Soulfly)

Igor Cavalera
(Cavalera Conspiracy)                                           Richard Patrick (Filter)

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (solo album interview)                              Howard Jones
Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork)                                                             Ralph Santolla (Deicide, Iced Earth, Sebastian Bach) 
Doro Pesch                                                                                    Mikko Von Hertzen (Von Hertzen Brothers) 
Mike Orlando
 (Adrenaline Mob)                                                     Brock Lindow (36 Crazyfists)                        
Chris Garza
 (Suicide Silence)                                                        Kenneth Nixon (Framing Hanley)
Lawrence Gowan (Styx)                                                                 Oliver Fogwell (Our Last Enemy)
Don Felder (The Eagles)                                                                Mark Heylmun (Suicide Silence) 
Hank3                                                                                             Tom Gimbel (Foreigner) 
Mike Portnoy (The Winery Dogs)                                                    Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod) 
Rex Brown (Kill Devil Hill)                                                                Tommy Victor (Prong)
Max Cavalera (Killer Be Killed)                                                        Sebastian Bach 
John Connolly (Sevendust)                                                             Chris Kael (Five Finger Death Punch) 
Anthony Smeragliuolo (Julius Seizure)                                            Pepe Clarke (Kyng) 
Hiran Deraniyagala (Battlecross)                                                     Tim King (SOiL) 
Jeremy Widerman (Monster Truck)                                                 Randy Cooper (Emperors and Elephants) 
Philip H. Anselmo  (solo album interview)                                        Chris Howorth (In This Moment)
Oderus Urungus (Gwar)                                                                  John Waite 
Phil Anselmo (Down interview)                                                        Tom Keifer (Cinderella) 
Von Hesseling (Star and Dagger)                                                    Chris Jericho (Fozzy)
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns n Roses)                                           Jeff Angell (Walking Papers)
Paul Shortino (King Kobra)                                                               Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs) 

Josh Todd (Buckcherry)                                                                   Rex Brown (Pantera, Kill Devil Hill)

Brad Whitford and Derek St. Holmes
Whitford/St. Holmes
In person interview November 22, 2015
Havana's in New Hope, PA

By 1981 guitarist Brad Whitford and singer Derek St. Holmes had both experienced success worldwide, each with hugely well-known rock acts.  As a guitarist with Aerosmith, Brad Whitford had recorded 6 studio albums, selling millions of records and touring globally.  And yet by 1981 lead guitarist Joe Perry had left the band and during the recording of “Rock In A Hard Place” Whitford decided his time was over with the band as well.  Meanwhile Derek St. Holmes had recorded and toured with the Motor City Madman Ted Nugent, singing and playing rhythm guitar on Nuge’s first 4 studio albums.  St. Holmes left Nugent’s band in 1978 to pursue other musical options.

Whitford and St Holmes got together and released their self-titled debut album in 1982.  The album received radio play and featured classic rock and roll; nothing fancy, no filler, just straight ahead rock music.  Shortly after the release though Whitford reunited with Aerosmith and St Holmes recorded with Michael Schenker before reuniting again with Ted Nugent.

Now in 2015 the duo of Whitford/St. Holmes is back together and have released the album “Reunion”.  The album is an example of what veteran musicians who have a passion for good classic rock can do.  Strong vocals, rich guitars, and classic riffs highlight this long awaited release.

On November 22nd Brad and Derek brought their rock music to Havana’s in New Hope, PA and Musicfrenzy had the pleasure to speak with these two veteran rockers.  Before their set I met with the guys upstairs in a loft area that overlooked the Havana’s stage.  We sat down at one of the restaurant tables, Brad and Derek sitting across from me each drinking water, and while sound check was taking place we talked about their album and their musical history.

After discussing the gorgeous small shops on Main Street in New Hope, which Derek had just visited before our interview, we got down to business:

Musicfrenzy – Some bands take three, four, or five years to make an album but thirty-five years in between releases….(jokingly) you just couldn’t get any ideas together or what?

Brad Whitford – I had a little thing going on called “Aerosmith”, they kinda kept me busy and Derek’s been busy.  But really the big thing was we were always in different cities and we’d just get together here and then.  But we’re practically neighbors now so we hang out, start writing music, and playing and that’s how it all came about.

MF – On the website there’s a new song that’s been recently released called “Shapes” and it just proves what veteran musicians like yourselves can do.  The song structure of the song’s phenomenal, (looking at Derek) your vocals…..I mean coming from a person who sings badly in the shower like myself  I’m envious.  It’s a really good song and does it encapsulate what we’ll hear on the album “Reunion”?

BW – Yeah and the album’s out now.  Don’t think traditional or when it’s going to be released.  Fans can get it here tonight.  It’s the only place to get it in the world.

Derek St. Holmes – No record label.  We’re not doing any of that stuff unless somebody really comes up to us and goes “I’d like to give you both a ton of money and we don’t want it back” then we’ll talk.

BW – We wrote the whole thing, we produced it ourselves.  Shit, we made it in fourteen days. 

DSH – It was a labor of fun.

MF – Compared to 1981 when the first album came out, lyrically, mentally when you guys were putting out that album compared to this album how have things changed topically as far as the tunes go and musically?

BW – I just think we’ve matured as songwriters and we’ve matured as people.  We’re better songwriters now because we’ve had a lot of experience in between and it comes easy for us.   We’re a muse for each other, a great songwriting team.  It just comes easy and that’s very, very rare.  I mean I’ve never had that.  I’ve never had somebody that can write that easily with.  But when you find that right person it’s like “Don’t fuck it up”.  Just keep writing, that’s what we do.  We got a whole bunch of stuff coming up ready to go for our next round in the studios.

MF – Well, that’s what I was thinking.  A lot of the time when bands go into the studio they put out 10 songs but they actually write and record 13, 14, 15.  In ’81 when recording the first album were there extra songs left over and if so are there any on this new release?

BW – No, we didn’t have anything left at that point.

DSH – We didn’t have anything really left after this one either.  We completed the task of just writing what we wanted and got it done.  That whole thing of write twenty songs of which you already know five are not really good…

BW – There’s no sense in recording the one’s that you know are probably not that good.  You should know before you go into the studio “eh, that isn’t cutting it”.  We already know that.  We don’t waste any time.

MF – So are a lot of the songs on this album done in your head before you go into the studio?

BW – No, not really.  Some of them were done, we actually wrote two of the songs, we recorded all these tracks in two days, the basic tracks, and live, it’s all live recording.  We used Pro Tools as a tape machine and two of the songs we wrote Monday night and recorded on Tuesday.  Nine tracks in total and that’s kinda how we fly.  We can come up with an idea and have it finished the next day.  It was all recorded in fourteen days.  No more than one or two takes on the tracks, almost all these vocals are the first take.  Same with Buck.  Buck came in and did his background vocals in a day, did his keyboards in a day.  We’re workers, we like to work.  We don’t like to fuck around because we have fun when we work you know?

MF – I like the idea of live recording as well, as opposed to everyone in a separate booth.  I think you get the feeling of everyone just gelling together you know.

DSH – You’ll hear that.  That paid off for us.

BW – You’re not gonna get that moment, because you want to get a moment in time and you gotta play live.  I tried to get Aerosmith to do that for this last record, we sorta did it, but I wanted to do it like old school and they didn’t want to do it, so WE did it.

DSH – This last Nugent album was supposed to be done that way, you know, all of us collaborating and he went home and he wrote the whole album, recorded it, called me up and said “Hey, I got a couple songs you could sing” and I went “You have it done” he goes “yeah” (and I said) “I thought you wanted us to come down and..”  he said “Oh man, you know I just kept going and I got it all…..” So I said “hmmm ,ok”.

MF – Kinda takes the creativity out of it

DSH – I’m just glad I didn’t have to sing but one of those songs.

MF – I guess that’s why fellas like yourself from successful bands get together because your hands might be tied in the main project but you have that freedom here.

DSH – Yeah, I don’t have too much freedom with Nuge.  It’s like B.B. King you know, it’s B.B. and the rest of the guys….you know.  But it’s all good, all good stuff.  What’s fun for us?  This is freakin’ killer what we’re doin’ right now and we have great bands to go back to so it’s all good.

MF – I only have one song to speak of and that’s “Shapes” but I get that, I get that hard rock driving force in that song.

DSH – There are more like that on the album.  We’ll get you one before you get out of here so when you come back (tonight) you’ll know what you’re listening to.

MF – When I heard “Shapes” I thought “This is what guys who know music and have done it, this is what they come up with.  It’s not filler, it’s not bullshit overdubbing”

DSH – There’s an art to it.  Not everybody can write rock and roll songs.  Not everybody can write arena, big rock songs.  Everything that we kinda write it just comes from those years of doing all that stuff.  But we also gear it for that, we gear it for live so we can do it live.  The beauty of this band is everyone who’s on the album is in the band, so tonight as long as everybody just plays their parts, which they do and it gets better and better every night, it sounds just like the freaking album.

MF – Aside from yourselves you have Troy from Tesla on drums….

DSH – Troy Luccketta from Tesla on drums and Buck Johnson who sings behind Steven Tyler and plays keyboards in Aerosmith and we got this incredible guitar player from this band Aerosmith, his name's Brad Whitford.

BW – and our favorite bass player in the world from Nashville

DSH – Chopper Anderson.  Chopper played with all the country ladies; Reba, Dottie West, you name it he’s backed them all up.

MF – I don’t know much about him but he has an insane bass line on “Shapes”.

BW – Oh, he’s a monster

DSH – He’s our John Paul Jones…… we’re having the time of our lives.  You will see tonight Brad gets to play everything he wants to play.  I get to sing what I want to sing and we get to write the songs and it’s just our deal.  And it’s just so much fun….it’s a crime we’re having so much fun.

BW – And we’re waiting for the rock cops to come….”We’re just having fun”.

DSH – We’re not going to be too loud because we know how to do these rooms, tonight’s gonna be perfect and we’re gonna rock this place down.

MF – Last night of the tour obviously with the holidays coming up you’ll be headed home, where do you reside?

BW – Nashville, the whole band’s from Nashville.

DSH – We’re from a little town called Leiper’s Fork which looks just like (New Hope) but only a tenth of the size.

BW  - Same kind of vibe which is why I like this so much.

DSH – If this was in the South we’d probably live here.  These crowds up here are what put us on the map so we love it.  I don’t mind coming to snow, I don’t want snow coming to me.

MF – What do you guys have planned for next year?

DSH – For this project I think talks of doing something with Billy Gibbons’ band and there’s some rumors of Bad Company packaging (us) maybe.  We’ve been asked to write a letter of kindness to The Who and see if they might want to take us out because they have a lot of people that are trying to go out with them.  That and Aerosmith’s gonna do a few dates right (looks towards Brad), Nugent might he might not.

BW – Aerosmith’s not due to go out until next October.

MF (to Brad) – When’s your country album coming out?

BW – It’s out, it was a complete failure.  It came out last year nobody bought it.  My recommendation to anybody I know who’s a rock and roll guy they should not try to do a country album, that’s all I can say.  Mine completely failed.

DSH – We understand what Steven’s trying to do but to come to our town (Nashville) and try to be country?  The people there they know what’s going on.  I love him to death as far as I’m concerned he’s one of the best American lead singers in the business probably THEE top.  I’d sure like to hear a freakin rock and roll album from him.

BW – Yeah, I’d like him go do his own rock record because I know that’s where he lives and breathes and that’s what floats his boat so  I don’t know what he’s doing.  He should go off with some friends of his and make some rock music just for a change of scenery, I know what it’s like.  We’ve been working for forty-five years together so it’s nice to get out and do something different with friends, but country?  I don’t get that.  I wouldn’t do it, Joe Perry wouldn’t do it.  I’m a rocker through and through, blues and rock.

MF – I have a lot of friends and know people that are starting bands and I always go back to the stories I’ve heard of Aerosmith coming up in Boston, all packed into a small apartment, hardly any food, doing whatever you can to get the music out.  In today’s economy, the price of things today I don’t know if bands can do it the same way Aerosmith did.

BW – I know kids that are doing it. It’s all about the commitment to the cause.  If you’re willing to go the distance and you’re that committed, people see that and that’s a powerful statement.  My son’s band is doing that and they’re just scratching along and now they’re signed to Republic Records.  But you have to be willing to fuckin’ go the distance.  It takes that kind of commitment.

Tommy Victor
Prong singer and guitarist
In person interview October 16, 2015
Electric Factory, Philadelphia, Pa

Prong is currently attacking North America on the Blackest of the Black tour alongside Danzig, Superjoint, Veil of Maya, and Witch Mountain.  Although the band has a vast history they have released some of their best work over the past few years, with the albums "Carved Into Stone", "Ruining Lives", and "Songs from the Black Hole".  On October 2 Prong released a new single "Ultimate Authority" which comes from the upcoming album "X (No Absolutes)" which will be unleashed on January 29, 2016.

Backstage at the Electric Factory in Philly on October 16 Tommy spoke to us about his beloved LA Dodgers (eliminated from playoff contention the day before), the NY Jets, the current tour, Superjoint, the upcoming Prong album, and his tips for new bands.

Listen to the interview below, on iTunes, or at

guitarist Jimmy Bower and bassist Stephen Taylor
in person interview October 16, 2015 
Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA

The boys are back!!!  Superjoint, the New Orleans behemoths led by former Pantera singer Philip H. Anselmo, are crossing North America alongside Danzig, Prong, Veil of Maya, and Witch Mountain on the "Blackest of the Black" tour.  Along with Anselmo, founding member and guitarist Jimmy Bower, guitarist Kevin Bond, and newest members Stephen Taylor on bass and Joey Gonzalez on drums and breathing new life into this powerhouse band.

2016 will see new music from Superjoint and before their show at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia Jimmy and Stephen spoke to us about what the current tour means for the band, writing and recording new music, and the differences with Superjoint circa 1993 (high and on drugs) and the current Superjoint (sober and strong).

Listen to the interview below or on the Missionmetal iTunes page, or on podbean at

Carina Round
vocalist/songwriter - Puscifer

Fans of the rock band Tool have been voicing their displeasure with the length of time the band is taking to release their next studio album.  However, Maynard James Keenan (the mastermind behind Tool) has been hard at work creating new inventive music.  Keenan's new project was released October 30th in the form of the album "Money Shot" by his band Puscifer.  Alongside fellow songwriter (and guitarist) Mat Mitchell, songwriter and vocalist Carina Round, drummer Jeff Friedl, and several other contributors Keenan continues to walk the line between art and lunacy while pushing his own creative boundaries to their limit.  Puscifer IS NOT a Tool wanna be band.  They are unique and inventive and produce sounds that open the mind.

Carina Round recently spoke to us at to talk about the album, the songs "Grand Canyon", "The Arsonist", and "Money Shot", Puscifer's November tour, and her own solo career.

Check out the interview here, on Podbean through the link below, or on iTunes

Billy Morrison
solo artist and current guitarist for Billy Idol

Guitarist Billy Morrison has had a successful career spanning the past 25 years, the last several spent as a part of Billy Idol's band.

On October 23rd Billy releases his second solo album "God Shaped Hole" which features a tremendous new song "Gods" written by Billy and Ozzy Osbourne!!  Billy Idol bandmates (guitarist Steve Stevens and drummer Erik Eldenius) and Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro lend a hand on the album, which features five original songs and five unconventional cover songs.

Billy spoke to us recently about writing and recording "God Shaped Hole", discussing how he and Ozzy created "Gods", how Dave Navarro became involved with the album, and what it's like being on stage nightly with Steve Stevens and Erik Eldenius and their role on the album.  Billy also talks about how he chose the cover songs he recorded and what role the bands Sex Pistols, Senseless Things, Wasted Youth and Wild Hearts played in his early years.

Pick up "God Shaped Hole" at

Hear the interview below or at and iTunes

Speaking The Kings
interview with the band to discuss their album "Carousel"

Orange County California band Speaking The Kings release their Nuclear Blast debut album "Carousel" on October 16th.

The band is similar to Pierce The Veil, Attila, Black Veil Brides and have recorded an album in "Carousel" that is though-provoking and a blast to listen to, really loud!!

Speaking The Kings recently spoke with us to discuss "Carousel", how the album came together for them, and how it came to be that they were signed to Nuclear Blast Records.

Max Cavalera
Singer, Soulfly

Soulfly released their latest album "Archangel" on August 14th through Nuclear Blast.  The mammoth album is the tenth in the band's history and features the heavy power and punch that is synonymous with just about anything that singer Max Cavalera is involved with.

Soulfly embarks on the "We Sold Our Souls To Metal" North American tour on September 30th with support from Soilwork, Decapitated, and Shattered Sun.

Max Cavalera spoke to Musicfrenzy recently and gave insight into "Archangel" as well as the debut release by Killer Be Killed and the work that his family (brother Igor and sons Zyon, Richie, and Igor) have been putting out.


Philip H. Anselmo
The SUPERJOINT "It Takes Guts" tour interview

On Saturday night July 18, 2015 Lancaster, PA (a normally quiet town surrounded by the quiet, plain and peaceful sect known as the Amish) was brutalized by the influx of bludgeoning metal as the "It Takes Guts" tour stomped through headlined by SUPERJOINT and featuring King Parrot, Child Bite and Fulgora.

Metal God and lead singer of Superjoint Philip H. Anselmo took time before the show to speak with us at Musicfrenzy.  I was greeted by Phil in his dressing room as he sat on a couch in front of his laptop barefoot in shorts and black t shirt.  Having endured a week of hellacious touring which began by plowing through four tour buses due to mechanical issues, Phil was energizing himself with an iced coffee, a water, and indulging in a few Camel smokes.

Phil spoke to us for just about twenty minutes about the reasoning behind taking Superjoint out on this two week long tour, about the artists on his Housecore Records label including King Parrot and Author & Punisher, about his seemingly non-stop work ethic (working with his bands Superjoint and Down as well as his solo projects and the Housecore Horrorfest), and gave stark opinions on what it takes for a young band to make it through the music business.

Philip H. Anselmo interview

Francheska Pastor
vocalist for Bad Seed Rising

Energetic, insightful, talented, mature.  Just a few words that can be used to sum up the youngest ever band to sign to Roadrunner Records, Bad Seed Rising.  This group of highly talented musicians from Baltimore have created music that's cool to listen to while driving at top speed down Interstate 95 with lyrical content that talks of real world experiences.

"A Place Called Home" is the latest EP released by Bad Seed Rising and singer Francheska Pastor recently gave us her opinions on life on the road, writing deep thoughtful songs as a teen, and making videos.
 It seems like the band enjoys touring having just completed shows opening for Adelita’s Way and having upcoming shows with Issues, Paris,  and Saint Astonia.  
Tell me about the experience opening for Rick and the guys from Adelita’s Way 

Francheska Pastor
- Adelitas Way is probably the best band we have toured with so far! Just the greatest guys, so down to earth, and they’re funny as hell too! Their live performance is always fun to watch and they tear it up every night, there wasn’t a night where we got tired of it. Getting to open up for them every night is the greatest, because getting the crowd riled up is just honestly my favorite thing to do. We hit a lot of places we’ve never hit before, so giving the crowd something aggressive and new to feed on is always a fun experience. 

What’s the best and worst thing about touring?

FP - The best thing about touring is traveling with your closest mates. Going site seeing and taking the scenic routes are always my favorite. Going hiking and venturing around cities I’ve never been before. There’s always a new place to explore and experience. And of course, the music. Sharing our music with whoever is listening is just the greatest. Especially if they can get something out of it, like inspiration or motivation. I aspire to inspire, and all I ever want to do is let people know that they have a chance in living the life they want to live, they way they wanna live it. And the worst thing about touring? I would have to say losing all my favorite clothes, not having a shower at my convenience, and not having a sanitary toilet to just sit down on and just play on my phone hahaha. 

 Bad Seed Rising are Baltimore teens with a new EP “A Place Called Home” out.  Some might say that being so young limits the subject matter to write about.  Where do you pull lyrical inspiration from?

- Well, I guess you could say that. But I feel like people belittle teen-hood problems because they don’t have bills to pay or mouths to feed, we just show up to school and do what we’re told. But really going through teenage years is probably the most important time for a person. These are the years we try to figure out about ourselves while being pressured to be who others want to be.  Being that by parents, teachers, government, media, and peers. I pull lyrical inspiration from my journey of who i am, who I’m becoming, and who I want to be. Getting to know yourself is a tough journey, especially when you have societal norms pressuring you to compress your personality and ideas to fit into the “perfect mold”. What’s even more tough is when you really just don’t fit into that mold and people shame you for being who you are. Accepting yourself for your looks, color, sexuality, gender, capabilities, and mental status is a great battle. 

What’s the writing process for the band?  

- Well, normally Mason would bring in a riff and the boys will jam on the music, and I would go back and listen to the song to vibe out how I feel and what the song should express. Then I work on melodies and lyrics!

 Does everyone bring songs to the table or how does that go?

We all just write together, and then i go off on my own.

The EP kicks off with “It’s My Time”, a high-energy track and what sticks out to me right away is your vocals Francheska.  Very mature, very good pitch, power without going screamo.  Are you vocally trained?

Why thank you! I have done some vocal training within the last year or so. But my voice isn’t stemmed off of that. I was taught how to make my voice last longer and the correct way to inflect my voice in various ways. 

- What vocalists do you admire?

A few of my favorite vocalists would have to be Tyler Carter, Hayley Williams, and Johnny Craig!

 Mason really shreds on guitar.  Great riffs and explosive chords.  The video for the song is pretty cool.  How did you enjoy shooting the video for “It’s My Time”?

- Thank you! Mason, really does shred. All of them do! If you ever get a chance to watch us live, be sure to keep your eye on them. Don’t let their ages fool you, they’ll blow your mind.  We had a lot of fun shooting the video! Aaron Marsh directed and shot it, and it turned out great! It’s just funny when you have to pretend to play your ass off 56 times in a row.

 “Carry On” is a cool tune that has another great riff that powers the song.  Mason is a dynamite guitarist huh?

- That he is!

You play guitar too right?  Are you playing on any of these songs?

I do play guitar! But i haven’t picked up the guitar as of late because I just like to get down and dirty on stage. I’m just too scared when I have a guitar because I’m so destructive. But i did lay down some tracks on the album for "ADHD" and "Mess"!

 “ADHD” has some huge drums laid down by Aiden.   What’s the focus of the lyrics for “ADHD”?

- "ADHD" is pretty much about my mental struggles; ADHD, ADD, manic depression, the medicine I would take, and how it wouldn’t really help me. It also talks about the pressures of people telling to compress myself into something I’m not, and to subdue myself into the social norms of who a woman should be. 

 Where can fans find you on social media?

- If they wanna follow the band just look up @badseedrising on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! You can also buy our album on iTunes, Google Play or if you come out to a show you can pick one up for $5 and get it signed by us!

 Any more touring plans for this year?

- Yeah! Can’t say anything yet, but we’re extremely excited for it!

Matt "Youngy" Young
King Parrot singer

Before King Parrot took the stage at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA during the "It Takes Guts" tour with Superjoint, singer Matt "Youngy" Young spoke to us about the band's latest album "Dead Set", recording at Nodferatu's Lair and working with Phil Anselmo, being asked by Max Cavalera to add vocals to the upcoming "Soulfly" album, and spending New Year's Eve at the Phil Anselmo home!

Murder FM vocalist/guitarist Norman Matthew


Murder FM will release their album titled "Happily Neverafter" on August 7, 2015 on Famous Records Global and distributed worldwide by Pavement Entertainment.  The album was co-produced by Beau Hill and Norman Matthew and features a bonus of the single "We The Evil" remixed by Tommy Lee.


Vocalist/guitarist Norman Matthew recently spoke to us about "Happily Neverafter",  Murder FM's past tours opening up for national artists, and the band's upcoming touring plans.


Thanks for taking the time to discuss the band’s album.  
After having success via Youtube (scoring several hundred thousand views with videos for “The Br3aking”, “As Beautiful As You Are”, “We The Evil” and others) Murder FM prepare to release their debut full-length album “Happily Neverafter” August 7th through Famous Records Global. 

Musicfrenzy - The band’s been together for a few years now. What made now the right time to release a full LP worth of tunes?

Norman Matthew - We have released singles, videos and a couple of EP's, but I always wanted the band to grow into it's skin both sonically and aesthetically. I was more interested in the marathon not the sprint and I didn't want to burn up the fans and burn out before we really grew and had something very special to give back, now is that time and that thing is "Happily Neverafter".

MF - Murder FM has had the opportunity to open for several major bands throughout the band’s brief history, including Rob Zombie, Black Veil Brides, Five Finger Death Punch, and Korn just to name a few.

Band’s would kill to be able to play on the same stage as these bands. How was it that Murder FM was able to get these gigs?

NM - Murder FM has built a strong cult following.  Zero marketing dollars, zero label, booking or promo support. Along with our manager and our amazing legion, we all built the MFM beast, one show at a time. Along the way, I think we earned alot of respect from people in the industry for believing in what we do, standing by where we want to go and how we want to get there, and never really sacrificing what the band was built on for the sake of making it. We have been, still are, and always will be determined to make it on our own terms. I think there's a mystique from that which draws people to the band and we couldn't be more thankful

MF – What’s been your coolest experience/interaction with a band or musician while on tour or opening for them?

NM - Touring the UK!  While this wasn't a band interaction, the band was able to interact with our UK fans who really helped put us on the map and catapulted us to two TOP 10 Videos on SCUZZ TV before we broke in the domestic underground. UK/ Euro fans really brought MFM to the legion. As far as an artist, hanging with JOHN 5 and remixing "We The Evil" with TOMMY LEE of MOTLEY CRUE were EASILY two experiences I will also hold close to the chest.

MF - “Happily Neverafter” crushes man. Overall the guitars are powerful, the drums are huge, and your vocals are killer
Norman, sometimes completely clean while other times rough and tough.  
What’s it like when Murder FM hits the studio? How does the band attack the recording process?

NM -  Thank you very much man. That means alot for you to pick up on the little nuances I've put in the tracks. I put the songs together in my studio, The Sound Foundation in Dallas, TX. Trent Reznor style. I'm not a jammer, always wished I could be, but I need a blueprint of where I'm going creatively to really bring it to life. The power behind "Happily Neverafter" is that the album was written and recorded prior to MFM signing a deal with Famous Records Global. It wasn't written with any sort of deadline or end game in mind. It was simply written out of pure pleasure and passion for music and the band and that is what makes this album feel so innate, organic and real. Once it gets to the band, they really bring the essence of MFM to life and things really take on a life of their own. We are adding the whole album into the set and really focusing on performing new material on the upcoming tour.

MF - One of my favorite songs on the album is “Machine Gun Kisses”. The song is a beast with guitars that you and Matt play giving a heavy crunch throughout the whole song, J6 plays a monster groove bass line, and of course Shakes annihilates the drums.  What’s the story behind the song and how did it come together?

NM -   I'm loving how detailed you are! Thank you for really listening to the record man! Our guitarist Matt X3r0 had sent me this riff along with these amazing lyrics. He writes like a poet man, it's awesome! My job was to turn the ideas, trim the fat and really bring the punch to the front so the song was meant to kick the way I felt it should when I envisioned it in my head after hearing a 30 sec voicemail of riffs. It's amazing what can come out of something and what can inspire. We are all so connected to what is best for the band that things just flow naturally. Lyrically, Matt was going through some things in a relationship he was in at the time. I've always come from the perspective that the audience needs to have an escape within reality and always try to take the intial inspiration of a song from within, try to make it a little less personal and "me" and more for the masses and the "we". Who wants to hear me whine about MY problems?  I was given a gift to play music and a chance to do it professionally, now I need to pay it forward and be a voice for the voiceless.

MF - "
We The Evil” is one that some fans are probably already aware of, but you got some guy named TOMMY LEE to take this song and give it a new sonic remix (LOL).  
How the hell did that happen man? You guys already have a very solid song but the additions that Tommy inserted give it a different feel for sure.

NM -  Tommy is friends with our A&R rep at the label and was presented some of the tracks as our A&R guy felt Tommy would really connect to them. I was kind of like, "sure we'll see" haha! Not because I didn't believe, but I grew up on Tommy Lee and the Crue, I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be working on my own music with him ya know? Amazingly enough, he loved the songs, really dug "Like Glass" and "We the Evil" which we aptly renamed the remix "We the LEE-Vil". He mentioned he wanted to remix the track, through a few email exchanges and weeks later, we were working on the remix! Coolest part of the whole deal, he's a great supporter of the band and we message back and forth at least once a week, it's really trippy! I'm friends and collaborated with TOMMY LEE! Who knew I'd be here \m// !!!

MF - The song “Slaves” is the shortest one on the album but just may be the heaviest. I feel like smashing shit when I listen to it!!  Can you tell me a bit about that song and where the riff and lyrics for this one came from?

NM - Oh hell ya man! That is EXACLY what that song was made for man. I weave so many multiple tapestries into the songs with programming, piano,strings, industrial elements, tons of guitars and vocals.  I really wanted to showcase the balls of the band so to speak. I wanted to show our teeth and have a no bullshit song that just straight comes at you, no holds barred, no screwing around. Straight Arena Evil!

MF - M
urder FM is playing the main stage this year at DIRTFEST on August 8th. The band listing is incredible with Coal Chamber, Hellyeah, Fear Factory and the August 8th headliners DOWN.  
What does the band have planned for DIRTFEST and what are the touring plans for the remainder of the year for Murder FM?

NM - "Happily Neverafter" drops 8/7/15. We kick the tour off on 8/8 @ "Dirtfest" and are treating it like our "Record Release Party". Performing with soooo many legendary bands, we figured why the hell not! We keep rolling after that and will be on tour most of 2015. We aren't the type of band to hit the road because we HAVE to, we hit the road because we WANT to. Why? Because when we show up, you KNOW we want to be there and you KNOW we will deliver. We leave a piece of ourselves on every stage we perform on, literally.  It's what friends, family and fans deserve, and nothing less.

Murder FM are:

Norman Matthew:  Vocals,Guitar,Programming

J6: Bass, Backing Vocals

Matt X3r0: Guitar,Backing Vocals

Jason "Shakes" West: Drums

Ricky Phillips
bassist for Styx
Ricky is pictured second from the left

Rock legends Styx are back on the road again for yet another killer Summer tour, this time with Def Leppard and Tesla.  The tour kicks off June 23rd in Tampa, Florida and follows previous Summer tours with Reo Speedwagon, Ted Nugent, Foreigner, and Don Felder.  The tour also includes several Styx headlining shows, one of which is July 10th in Atlantic City at Harrah's Resort.

In addition, Styx has a new live DVD/CD hitting stores on July 25th titled "Live at The Orleans Arena Las Vegas" which will feature classic Styx hits such as "Renegade", "Blue Collar Man", "Come Sail Away", and "Too Much Time on My Hands".

Styx bassist Ricky Phillips spoke to us on June 16th about the Summer tour, the new DVD, the band's current four day stint in the Bahamas, and his work with Bad English.  Always the storyteller, Ricky also talks about Frankie Banali, Rudy Sarzo, Ronnie Montrose, Rick Derringer and Don Felder.  

Francesco Artusato
Guitarist (Devil You Know, All Shall Perish)

Francesco Artusato
has performed on multiple albums and in front of thousands of people as the lead guitarist for All Shall Perish and Devil You Know.  Francesco is now bringing his years of music experience to Metal For Hire (  Metal For Hire gives artists the opportunity to work with music veterans with experience in teaching, producing, writing, recording, and touring.

Recently Francesco spoke to us about Metal For Hire and specifically what musicians can use his experience for.  He also discussed his work with Devil You Know and provided details on the forthcoming album from the band.  We also spoke to Francesco about All Shall Perish and were given surprising information on a brand new All Shall Perish album for 2015!

Ralph Santolla
Guitarist (Deicide, Death, Obituary, Sebastian Bach, Iced Earth)

Guitarist Ralph Santolla has recorded and/or toured with such legendary metal bands as Deicide, Death, Obituary, Iced Earth, Cannabis Corpse, and Sebastian Bach.  Santolla is now making his music talents and knowledge available through Metal For Hire (  Metal For Hire gives artists the opportunity to work with music veterans with experience in teaching, producing, writing, recording, and touring.

Santolla recently spoke with us, discussing the services that he is offering through Metal For Hire.  He talks about how he became a part of Deicide, Iced Earth, and Sebastian Bach's group and gives great insight into why he left Iced Earth and Bach.  Santolla also talks in depth about Deicide and in particular drummer and music writer Steve Asheim.

Igor Cavalera
Cavalera Conspiracy

Mention the name Cavalera to anyone in the metal community and they know how important that name is.  Brothers Max and Igor Cavalera founded the influential band Sepultura in 1984 and with that began a career of bludgeoning music lovers worldwide.  Since leaving Sepultura Max has gone on to record with Soulfly and Killer Be Killed.  However, in 2007 the brothers continued their aural onslaught together with their project Cavalera Conspiracy.  With Max singing and playing guitar and Igor crushing the drums the metal nation rejoiced with the Cavalera brothers back together.

Their latest album "Pandemonium" was released in November of 2014 and it's a brutal set of songs that punish and engage fans of Max and Igor.  Cavalera Conspiracy is currently on tour with Death Angel, Corrosion of Conformity Blind, and Lody Kong.  Before their show in Reading, PA Igor spoke to Musicfrenzy about the music that he and his brother have created.

Richard Patrick
Filter lead singer

Filter performed at the Trocadero in Philadelphia on April 4th while on tour with Coal Chamber.  Filter frontman and mastermind Richard Patrick spoke to us before the show about Filter's next album (which is currently being written and recorded), the band's Pledgemusic Campaign, and the state of today's music.  During our conversation Richard gave strong opinions on Scott Weiland (formerly of Stone Temple Pilots) and spoke openly on his thoughts of the sometimes troubled lead singer.  Richard also gave criticism to the availability of music via the internet and today's rock bands.

Howard Jones
New Wave pioneer and 80's music icon

New wave pioneer Howard Jones became a radio and MTV mainstay in 1983 with the release of his hit "New Song" and the 1984 album "Human's Lib" which also provided hit singles "What Is Love?", "Hide and Seek", and "Pearl in the Shell".  His 1985 release "Dream Into Action" included the smash hits "Things Can Only Get Better", "No One is to Blame", and "Life In One Day".

His career stayed on fire throughout the 1980's and still Jones is pushing musical boundaries in 2015 with the release of his multi-media project "Engage".  A stunning audio, visual, interactive experience for concert goers "Engage" premiered in London and in Los Angeles earlier this year.  "Engage" can now be purchased on iTunes and various other internet stores and the app can be found on Android and iPhone devices.  Jones plans on continuing to take "Engage" on the road and has a show lined up for New York in November.

We recently spoke to Howard about "Engage", his performance at the 1985 global event "Live Aid", his career in the MTV generation, and his hit songs "New Song", "Everlasting Love", and "Things Can Only Get Better".


Dirk Verbeuren

Soilwork drummer

On April 7th Soilwork will release their live concert cd/dvd "Live in the Heart of Helsinki".  These guys from Sweden have released nine studio albums so far, the last being the 2013 release "The Living Infinite".  "Live in the Heart of Helsinki" covers the band's entire career and is an intense high-spirited concert.

Drummer Dirk Verbeuren spoke to on March 30th to discuss the dvd, the band's next album, social media, and Chris Adler.

Our interviewed kicked off with Dirk talking about the "Live in the Heart of Helsinki" cd/dvd, the set list, the high points, and the intensity of the show.

In clip number two Dirk talks about the recent video posted on which shows Dirk laying down drum tracks for Soilwork's next album (due out sometime later this year).  He also discusses his double-bass drum preference and how it may change in the future, thanks to a fellow metal drummer!

Our interview ends after Dirk tells us about the progress of the band's next album and gives us his opinion of Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler teaming up with Dave Mustaine for Megadeth's next album.

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Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal
guitarist, songwriter, producer 

Guitar genius Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal has released nine solo albums and since 2006 has been a member of Guns and Roses.  He has toured the world  performing live with GNR, Lita Ford, and as a solo artist as well as through his guitar workshops and his work as a cultural envoy to various U.S. Embassies.

On February 24th Bumblefoot will release his 10th studio album "Little Brother is Watching" and he recently spoke to Musicfrenzy about the album and lots of other topics.

In this opening clip Bumblefoot talks about the title track "Little Brother is Watching", the recording of the album, and one of the songs off the album "Don't Know Who To Pray To Anymore".

Here Bumblefoot talks about another song from "Little Brother is Watching" titled "Women Rule The World" as well as his acoustic album "Barefoot" and the new rock supergroup Art of Anarchy, a band he recorded an album with that includes Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots), John Moyer (Disturbed) and Jon and Vince Votta. 

Our interview wraps up with Bumblefoot detailing his 2015 plans which include touring in Thailand and England and also performing at the Masters of Metal Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on March 26- 29.

Mikko Von Hertzen
Von Herzen Brothers

On March 26th Spinefarm Records will release the sixth studio album from the Von Hertzen Brothers.  Titled "New Day Rising"  the album is a new collection of original rock songs from the brothers from Finland with songs that range from quirky and funky to rockin' and melodic.

Recently Mikko Von Hertzen spoke to us regarding the album, from the recording and production to the band's touring plans.

Our interview starts with Mikko discussing the decision to have Garth "GGGarth" Richardson (award winning producer who has worked with bands such as Rage Against The Machine) produce the record and what it was like recording with GGGarth at the Farm Studios in Vancouver, the same studio where Aerosmith, The Cult, and Motley Crue have recorded.

Next we dive into the album and discuss the title track "New Day Rising" and the accompanying video (posted here after our interview)

Two more songs off the album, "Trouble" and "Dreams" are discussed in depth here.

Our interview wraps up with Mikko talking about the wonderful harmonies that he and his brothers produce on the album.  Finally we discuss the Von Hertzen Brothers' 2015 touring plans. 

"New Day Rising" video

Doro Pesch
legendary Queen of Metal

Metal legend Doro Pesch released her 17th studio album "Raise Your Fist" in November of 2012 and since then has been a touring juggernaut.  She has performed countless shows across the world, performed at some of the largest festivals, and celebrated her 30th anniversary in music with two sold out shows in her hometown of Dusseldorf, Germany.  Doro also contributed to the 2014 Ronnie James Dio tribute album "This Is Your LIfe" by performing the Dio classic "Egypt (The Chains Are on)". 

Doro recently spoke to Musicfrenzy about her upcoming Spring tour (which kicks off on March 3 in Philadelphia, PA), her album "Raise Your Fist" this year's Grammy award show, touring and playing clubs like The Whiskey A Go Go, and her plans for an upcoming DVD.

Mike Orlando
guitarist for Adrenaline Mob

Adrenaline Mob is at it again gang, this time around releasing an album titled "Dearly Departed", a collection of classic rock covers and rare alternate versions of their songs.  Guitarist Mike Orlando spoke with us just before the album released on February 10th.  Mike touched on the band's cover of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by the Charlie Daniels Band, the Mob's Black Sabbath Medley, their version of the Queen classic "Tie Your Mother Down", and Mob originals (this time performed acoustically) "Crystal Clear" and "All On The Line".

Mike also discusses with me his side project "TRED" (with Rudy Sarzo and AJ Pero) as well as his recent performance at the Randy Rhoads tribute concert (a video of this follows our interview below)

Brock Lindow
singer for 36 Crazyfists

Brock is pictured second from left

On February 17, 2015 Spinefarm Records will release the latest album "Time and Trauma" from the band 36 Crazyfists,  the metal mashers from Anchorage, Alaska.

Recently Metal Injection premiered the band's video for their single "Also Am I" which you can view at the end this interview Musicfrenzy did with singer Brock Lindow.

Musicfrenzy - Brock, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions about your band 36 Crazyfists and the upcoming release of “Time and Trauma” which is out on Spinefarm Records on Feb 17.  
Before we start with questions about the album I first gotta ask man, how does a band from Anchorage, Alaska get signed to a record deal??  I mean, there are bands from New York City, Los Angeles, and here in Philly that can’t get a deal, LOL! 

Brock Lindow - Well I'd like to think we grinded hard enough to get noticed. Alaska is a difficult place to be discovered & was a big reason we relocated to Portland , Oregon in the mid nineties.

And yes, I said “here in Philly”.  I know you’re a big NHL fan and especially a fan of our beloved Philadelphia Flyers. 

Brock - Hell yes! Go Flyers

MF - 
What do you think of our Flyers and how far are they away from reaching a Stanley Cup finals?

Brock - Well one of these years they'll hoist the cup again, there are some awesome young players that are kicking ASS, just need to string some wins together and get up in the standings so they can make the playoffs.

MF - "
Time and Trauma” has so many highlights for me.   Such a great album man!!  I’ll start with the lead single from the album “Also Am I” which blew me away when I first heard it.  Your vocals are sick Brock and Steve is a madman on guitar.

Brock - Thank you

How did you approach this song vocally?  I ask because there are parts that are so heavy both vocally and musically that I could see the song being sung without any melodic parts and yet the way you pull off the violent vocals and the melodic vocals it’s just so right.

Brock - M
y approach throughout the record was to concentrate on my singing voice and let the screams take a back seat. The screams are there don't get me wrong but I really wanted to focus on melody. So singing over the heavy parts challenged me a little more.

MF - T
he video for “Also Am I” is a cool performance-oriented video and I really dig Kyle sporting the Maiden shirt!  In an interview with Metal Injection you said that some of the video was shot in the woods of Willow, Alaska.  When I was a teenager we used to party in the woods near my home, sitting around listening to tunes, playing acoustic guitar, drinking various alcoholic refreshments and enjoying every minute of it.  How many 36 Crazyfists were inspired by some of those nights partying in the woods with friends ??  And will there ever be a video of the band crushing it in front of the “Dr. Seuss” house!!

Brock - So much of our growing up revolved around camping and hanging out in the midnight sun blasting tunes so it was a huge part of our upbringing. We actually wanted to shoot the video in the Dr Seuss house but couldn't get permission in time. Hopefully some day, that place is killer!

MF - On
e of my favorite songs from “Time and Trauma” is “11.24.11”.  I actually listened to the song 4 times in a row, each time focusing in on a different instrument, drums, guitar, bass, and vocals.  Masterful Brock, just masterful.  What was the inspiration lyrically for this one?
Brock - That is the date my mom passed away and I wrote that song that night. I was in a pretty weird space at that time, trying to find peace and closure on a tragic time in my life.

Kyle gives a killer performance on the drums.  Such complexity in his drumming.   Can you give some insight into the recording process and what it’s like to see your fellow musicians light it up like they do on this track?

Brock - The boys are tremendous musicians and I'm blessed to jam with them every night. Kyle is a total badass and a really fun drummer to watch. He is a little dude that bashes the hell out of his kit!

“Marrow” is a standout song for me because it has that epic feel to it.  Your vocals are so strong and passionate Brock and the light, almost simplistic, music in the first section of the song is complimented so well by the more powerful middle section.  Oh, and the female vocalist rocks too!  The mystic sounding guitar riff and the strings are brilliant!  I would have enjoyed watching you lay down the vocals for this tune.  You really pour it on man.

Brock - "Marrow" is song that was one of the first written for the album, it's somber vibe really spoke to me and my mental head space, my wife really pulled me out of the darkest times of my life so I wrote this song about how much I've needed her to breathe her strength into me. My awesome friend Stephanie Plate from the band Thera graced us with  her beautiful voice on the track.

MF -
From what I read one of the first, if not THE first, European tour the band embarked on was with Killswitch Engage.  What was that experience like?  KSE is such a great band and trekking through Europe with those guys must have been incredible.

Brock - One of the greatest tours of my life, everyone was really young then and we had a total blast. Love all the fellas in the KSE camp!

Next week the band heads overseas to start another European tour with dates in England, Germany, Switzerland and France before coming back to the states in March.  I assume most of 2015 for 36 Crazyfists will be touring, touring, and more touring? 

Brock - That is the plan, time to get our grind on!

Brock, thanks again for the time and I’ll make you a deal.  If 36 Crazyfists plays a gig in Philly the PHILLY CHEESESTEAKS are on me!!!

Brock - Ha that's a deal!!! Thx

36 Crazyfists "Also Am I"

Chris Garza
guitarist for Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence is currently out on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival in support of their latest album "You Can't Stop Me".  The album was recently released on July 15th and debuted on the Billboard charts at #16.  Their singles "Cease To Exist" and "Don't Die" have been blowing up on Sirius XM "Liquid Metal" and currently "Don't Die" is #1 on the station's "Devil's Dozen" countdown.  Suicide Silence are also acting as "Liquid Metal" correspondents while on the Mayhem Festival!

Just a couple hours before the band's set in Burgettstown, PA, guitarist Chris Garza gave me a call to talk about the Mayhem Festival and the band's album.

Kenneth Nixon
singer for Framing Hanley
On April 29th. Knoxville, TN rock band Framing Hanley released their latest album "The Sum Of Who We Are" through Imagen Records.  The album is a very strong alt. rock album which features fiery guitar riffs, catchy hooks, and an incredibly energetic singer in Kenneth Nixon.  Nixon took time out recently to answer a few questions for me about the album, which features the song "Criminal" and can be heard on Sirius XM Octane. - With the release of the band's latest album "The Sum Of Who We Are" it's evident to me that Framing Hanley really know how to write a rock song.  Each song on the album is structured so well and your vocals are radio-ready man!  

Kenneth Nixon - Haha, thank you, thank you.  We spent a lot of time on this album to ensure we put out the album we felt fine being “judged” on after being gone so long, so it’s nice to see someone like yourself dig it.

MF - "Criminal" is the lead track from the album and it's catchy as hell!  The lyrics are fun to sing to and the song sounds like it would go over huge live.

Nixon -  "Criminal" is definitely one of the most fun songs in the set now. The “na na’s” are just inviting everyone to sing along by the end of it. A lot of high energy there. We’ve been opening with it actually, so it’s been cool to come out guns blazin’ right from the start.

MF -  "Twisted Halos" has a pretty strong intro, full sounding drums,  and again your voice is stellar man.  What was the recording process like for this album Nixon because the sound quality is top notch.

Nixon - Both “Twisted Halos” & “Criminal” were actually the very last 2 songs we recorded for the album.  We started this thing back in August of 2012, and these 2 songs weren’t written and recorded until December of 2013. Funny they end up being the first 2 songs on the album. But yea, it was the first time we had ever worked with Eric Bass (bassist of Shinedown) and it was a very cool connection/chemistry we had with him.  The songs just happened, really. Excited to work more with Eric in the future after pumping out 2 songs like these 2 at the last minute like we did.

MF -  I'm a guitar guy, I've played here and there since I was 10 years old, so a song like "Crash and Burn" really stands out for me.  Brandon and Ryan are really solid guitarists and together bring so much excitement to each song.  Oh, and the bridge in this song is killer!! 

Nixon - Yea, I hear ya. Again, a lot of energy in that song. That was a riff that Ryan has had since we were recording "A Promise To Burn" in 2010.  So we lived with it for awhile, and it was just too cool of a riff for us to pass on twice, so we worked on it some and ended up coming up with a kickass song from start to finish. That is definitely one of my favorite bridges on any of our songs.

MF - Same with "Crooked Smiles".  Great guitar work and a pretty cool riff.  What's cool though Nixon is that the guitars are pretty strong, but your vocals even out the song so that the guitars don't overpower the song.  

Nixon - Yea we were a pretty angry band during the time period we wrote that song.

MF - A song like "Science" in my opinion shows the band's creative side because it's unlike most songs.  Pretty different, almost experimental in the percussion and sounds that start the song.  Your vocals are almost haunting.  It's one of those songs that you can listen to a dozen times and pick out something new with each listen!

Nixon - There are tons of layers and weird noises that we threw on that track. That’s one of my top 3 favorite songs on the album, and like you said, a very different side of our band that I think we are all looking forward to exploring more.

MF - If you would, talk about the production on the album because I can't stress enough how great the sound quality on this album is. 

Nixon - This was the first album that we worked with so many different producers on. It’s tricky to find a way to do that and not make the album feel so different track to track.  But we managed to make a cohesive sounding album that we worked with different guys on. Working with other guys this time was cool because it was good for us creatively to be pushed out of our comfort zones.

Framing Hanley video for "Criminal"


Lawrence Gowan
keyboardist/vocalist for Styx

Lawrence is pictured first row far right

This summer rock legends Styx embark on the "Soundtrack of Summer" tour alongside Don Felder and Foreigner.  Keyboardist/vocalist Lawrence Gowan spoke to me recently while the band was in Missouri and provided some great discussion on the tour, the current band line up, performing the classic Styx songs, and the global response to Styx.

In our first clip Lawrence talks in detail about the current "Soundtrack of Summer" tour, touching on the vibe on tour, the audience, and the Styx set list.

The current line up Styx (Tommy Shaw, James “JY” Young, Chuck Panozzo, Lawrence Gowan, Ricky Phillips and Todd Sucherman) have been together longer than any other line up over the course of the band's 40 year history.  In this clip Lawrence talks about the line up and the band's performance on "The Grand Illusion/Piece Of Eight Live" DVD.

Here Lawrence discusses performing some of the Styx classics such as "Blue Collar Man", "Come Sail Away", and "Renegade".  He gives his opinion on rock music and how it flourishes all over the world.

In our last clip Lawrence talks about touring with prog-rockers Yes and also with Ted Nugent and REO Speedwagon.  He also discusses performing live and how he came up with his unique keyboard set up.

Styx "Blue Collar Man" from "The Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight Live" DVD

Oliver Fogwell
singer for Our Last Enemy

Oliver is pictured center

Our Last Enemy is an industrial metal band from Australia who released their first North American album "Pariah" on March 11th.  The album is a prime example of heavy, creative metal music and provides the listener with 16 songs to smash and trash to.

Lead singer Oliver Fogwell spoke to me recently about the band's album, including how several of the songs came together, and the band's future plans for us metal fans in North America.

We start by discussing in general the band's album "Pariah" and then Oliver and I discuss in more detail the single "Devour The Sun" and the accompanying video which premiered recently on

In this clip Oliver discusses two bad ass songs from the album, "10,000 Headless Horses" and "Ants In The Palm".  He talks about how the songs came together and recording the songs with former Fear Factory guitarist/bassist Christian Olde Wolbers.

In our last clip Oliver talks to me about the song "Internus Diablos Verni" (probably my favorite song from the album) as well as the band's future plans for touring North America.

Our Last Enemy video for "Devour The Sun"


Don Felder
singer, songwriter, guitarist for The Eagles

Don Felder has had a stellar career in music spending over 27 years as a guitarist and songwriter with rock legends The Eagles.  He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 and is a NY Times bestselling author for his memoir "Heaven and Hell" My Life in the Eagles".  He continues to make music and his current solo album "Road to Forever" produced the single "You Don't Have Me" which has been on the Classic Rock charts for the past nine weeks. 

Don is currently on tour with Foreigner and Styx as a part of the "Soundtrack of Summer" tour and he spoke to me on June 5th to talk about the tour and his career.

Our interview starts with Don speaking about the current "Soundtrack of Summer" tour, how it's been to be touring with Foreigner and Styx and the diverse audience that he has seen coming out to the show.

Next is a clip in which we discuss Don's latest album "Road to Forever" and specifically the songs "Girls in Black" and "Fall From The Grace of Love".  Don also talks about songwriting and song arranging and gives a great look into how he approaches writing a song.

This is a fantastic talk with Don about The Eagles smash hit "Hotel California", a song that he was instrumental in creating.  He talks about the three different versions of the song that he has had to arrange, including the version recorded on the Eagles dvd "Hell Freezes Over".

In this last clip I talk to Don about the documentary "History of the Eagles - Part One" and specifically the relationship he had with Joe Walsh.  Don talks in detail about performing alongside Joe and how the two musicians pulled off so many classic songs together.

"Hotel California" from The Eagles "Unplugged"

Mark Heylmun
guitarist for Suicide Silence

On October 31, 2012 Mitch Lucker, lead singer for Suicide Silence, passed away from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.  The following day the band was scheduled to enter the studio to begin work on their next album.  Now, almost two years later Suicide Silence is ready to release their album "You Can't Stop Me". 

Guitarist Mark Heylmun spoke to me recently about the making of the album (set for release on July 15th in the U.S.) and also about the benefit concert the band held to raise money for Mitch's daughter.

Our interview with Mark starts with a discussion about the first single from "You Can't Stop Me" titled "Cease To Exist" which is a brutally heavy tune.  Mark talks about the possibility of another single being released in the near future and the recording of the album after Mitch's passing.

In this clip Mark talks specifically about the Mitch Lucker Memorial Show which was recorded for the cd/dvd set "Ending Is the Beginning".  The concert was held on December 21, 2012 and all proceeds from the album go to Mitch's family.  Mark talks about his feelings at that time, what it was like to perform with so many special guests, and details the vibe of that night.

Our final clip with Mark touches on the heavy touring schedule Suicide Silence has for this year, including some of the big European festivals and of course a summer long run on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival.

On October 1, 2013 the original Hellbilly Outlaw Hank Williams III (better known to his legions of fans as Hank3) released a double album of country music called "Brothers of the 4x4" as well as the punk album "A Fiendish Threat".  He's currently out on tour bringing his energetic and lengthy concert experience to the east coast and pulls into my hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 18th.

Hank spoke to me on Thursday (June 5th) about the tour and we also discussed a few songs off of "Brothers of the 4x4" and the biography of him that was penned by Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe.

The interview starts off with Hank talking about the current tour and fans can expect to witness this time around.  Hank also talks about the last time he played Philly, which included a guest appearance by Pentagram singer Bobby Liebling.

In this clip I ask Hank about the song "The Outdoor Plan" from the album "Brothers of the 4x4", an amazing song that vividly describes the outdoor activities that come along with being surrounded by nature.  Hank also talks about how he approaches the writing and recording process.

In the last clip Hank3 discusses the song "Ain't Broken Down" (another song from "Brothers of the 4x4") and then talks in depth about Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe and the history between he and Randy.

Photo credit:  Emily Jones
Tom Gimbel
guitarist for Foreigner

This Summer fans of classic rock will have a chance to catch three incredible bands all in one night as the "Soundtrack of Summer" tour crosses through the U.S. with Foreigner, Styx, and Don Felder taking the stage.  Recently Foreigner guitarist Tom Gimbel spoke to me about the tour and what fans can expect as the tour comes to their town.

Our interview starts off with Tom discussing how the "Soundtrack of Summer" tour has been progressing and what the crowd has been like.  Tom talks about the age range he's seen so far on this tour and also what it's like to have an audience singing word for word to all the hits!

This clip is a cool conversation about "Double Vision" and one of my favorite songs off the album "Tramontane".  Tom also talks about playing rhythm guitar for Foreigner and speaks on the likelihood of fans getting a chance to see members of one band performing with another band during this tour.

The last clip of my interview with Tom has him talking about the six years he spent touring with Aerosmith, including the unforgettable appearance of Aerosmith on Saturday Night Live's "Wayne's World".  Tom talks about how he became a member of Foreigner and also talks about the set list for the "Soundtrack of Summer" tour.

Foreigner's "Tramontane"

Mike Portnoy
drummer for The Winery Dogs

Mike is pictured far right
Billy Sheehan, Richie Kotzen, and Mike Portnoy individually have each reached musical success during their careers.  Billy has played bass for Steve Vai, David Lee Roth, and Mr. Big among others.  Richie has played guitar with Mr. Big and Poison and many others.  Drummer Mike Portnoy has had a career that spans more than 25 years.  He has played with Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold, Adrenaline Mob and so many other musicians.  But collectively, these three outstanding artists are The Winery Dogs.  

Mike spoke to me recently about his new band and how the band came about.  Mike also talks about the band's touring schedule, their upcoming "Dog Camp", his drumming technique, Adrenaline Mob, and Pantera. 

In this opening clip Mike talks about The Winery Dogs and how he, Richie and Billy got together.  He also talks about how the recording and writing process worked for the band.

In clip two Mike talks about the band's current tour and the upcoming "Dog Camp" which takes place July 21-25 at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY.  Mike also gives tips to new drummers on what he feels is the most important things to keep in mind.

Our interview wraps up with Mike talking about how he performs drum solos (like the one below from Cymbal Vote).  He also talks about Adrenaline Mob and their cover song "Break On Through" by the Doors.  Lastly, Mike gives me his thoughts on the mighty Pantera.

Mike IX Williams
vocalist for Eyehategod

Mike Williams is pictured center
EYEHATEGOD will release their new self-titled full-length album on May 27th, their first since 2005.  A month long American tour kicks off the following day and recently singer Mike IX Williams spoke to me about the album, the band's drummer Joey LaCaze, and recording with Phil Anselmo.

Our interview starts with a discussion with Mike about the new album and how the album flows from the punk heavy "Agitation Propaganda" to the dark sludge tune "Paris Motel Sickness"

Next up Mike talks about the bands drummer Joey LaCaze, who passed away on August 23, 2013 of respiratory failure.  Joey's drum tracks were recorded prior to his passing and are used on this album.

In this clip Mike talks about the bands recent releases as well as the amount of touring that Eyehategod does.

Here Mike discusses recording vocals for this album at Phil Anselmo's "Nodferatu's Lair" studio and how Phil helped in the recording process.  Mike also talks about the legacy of Eyehategod.

Our interview wraps up with Mike giving me his thoughts on Pantera.  He gives up a couple funny stories from being on tour with Pantera and gives his thoughts on the individual band members.
Rex Brown
bassist for Kill Devil Hill

Rex Brown is pictured far left

Kill Devil Hill is spending much of 2014 touring in support of their second album "Revolution Rise".  The band has undergone one change since the release of the album, the addition of new drummer Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative/Danzig/A Pale Horse Named Death).   With guitarist Mark Zavon, singer Dewey Bragg, and former Pantera bassist Rex Brown leading the charge,  these four guys are well on their way to making Kill Devil Hill a pillar in the hard rock community. 

Rex Brown spoke to me recently to discuss "Revolution Rise", the band's new drummer, their tour plans, and his thoughts on digital music and "Far Beyond Driven"

Our interview starts with Rex discussing the departure of drummer Vinnie Appice and how new drummer Johnny Kelly came on board.  He also outlines some of the upcoming touring plans, including their appearance at this year's Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, OH.

Next is Rex discussing playing live and how having Johnny Kelly on board is breathing new life into the band.  Heavy tour plans and the band's appearance at this year's Donnington festival are also discussed.

This clip is a full discussion about the album "Revolution Rise" and specifically the songs "Crown of Thorns", "Why", "Leave It All Behind", and "Where Angels Dare To Roam".  Rex really gets deep into his bass playing, Dewey's writing, and how the album overall came together.

Our last clip picks up where the last clip ends and starts with Rex giving his opinion on LP's versus EP's (coincidentally some of the same thoughts that Sebastian Bach gave in his interview with me as well) and also talks about a future book idea he has.  Rex also gives me his thoughts on Pantera's "Far Beyond Driven", the album that celebrated it's 20th anniversary this year.
Tommy Victor
Singer/guitarist for Prong

Photo credit: Tim Tronckoe

On the heel's of the their 2012 album "Carved Into Stone", Prong is back in 2014 with a brand new release titled "Ruining Lives", the band's ninth studio album.  The album comes out in North America on May 13th and is a brilliant hardcore album filled with crunchy guitars built around lyrical content that provokes thought on subjects ranging from privacy to self-change. 

Founding member and singer/guitarist Tommy Victor spoke to recently regarding the album and gave details on several of the new songs as well as his thoughts on touring Europe and the Los Angeles Dodgers!

Our interview kicks off with Tommy's thoughts on "Carved Into Stone" and how he feels the album was received.  We also discuss "Ruining Lives" and how the production and recording turned out.

This album has so many tight, killer tracks and in this clip Tommy talks about the first single from the record "Turnover" as well as the title track "Ruining Lives" and the song "Windows Shut".

The song talk continues with Tommy getting into the thoughts behind the thrash monster "The Barriers", "Self Will Run Riot" (which would be on the radio if I had a say), and the old-school metal vibe of "Chamber Of Thought".

Our interview wraps up with Tommy talking about Prong's recent European tour and what it's like being able to still tour cities like London, Copenhagen, and Munich.  And finally, Tommy gives me his opinion on this year's Los Angeles Dodgers.
Max Cavalera
Singer/guitarist for Killer Be Killed and Soulfly

Killer Be Killed is a new metal/hardcore project energized by Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan), Max Cavalera (Soulfly), Troy Sanders (Mastodon) and Dave Elitch (formerly of The Mars Volta).  The beginnings of Killer Be Killed came from a three-day marathon writing and recording session between Max, Greg, a drum machine and a four-track recorder.  Once Troy and Dave came into the fold the formation of Killer Be Killed was complete.  And on May 9th the band unleashes their debut self-titled album upon us.

Singer/guitarist Max Cavalera spoke to me regarding the formation of the band and in detail about the band's debut album, giving insight into the songs "Wings of Feather and Wax", "Snakes of Jehova", "Save the Robots", and "Face Down".  Max talks in depth about how the band fed off each other's energy during the recording of the album and also how members of Soulfly, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Mastodon were able to mix their styles to create a killer new offering!
John Connolly
guitarist for Sevendust

John Connolly is pictured second from the right                                                                                                   photo by Chris Baird

Sevendust is currently out touring behind their first studio acoustic album "Time Travelers & Bonfires".  "An Evening With Sevendust" is the name of the tour and it brings to the fans a band that is enjoying reinventing some of their classic hits while treating the crowd to new songs and some surprising covers.
Guitarist John Connolly spoke to me, before the band's show in Cincinnati, about the tour, the album, and of course their fans!

Our interview starts with a discussion about "Time Travelers & Bonfires" and in particular the acoustic versions of classic Sevendust songs "Black", "Denial", and "Crucified"

Next is a discussion about the two new songs from the album, "Come Down" and "Bonfire".  John also talks about Sevendust's annual appearance on the Shiprocked cruise!

In this clip John talks about how Sevendust approaches writing and recording and specifically how he feels about the frequency of putting out new music.

Our interview wraps up with a talk about "An Evening With Sevendust" and where the tour is taking the band next.  Then John gives me a few thoughts on Pantera and their impression on him.
Chris Kael
bassist for Five Finger Death Punch

Chris is pictured far left

Five Finger Death Punch is coming off a 2013 in which they released two massive new albums "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell" Vol 1 and 2, both of which peaked on the Billboard top 200 album chart at #2.  Their single "Lift Me Up" featured metal legend Rob Halford and was a smash hit.  The band has always been a touring monster and once again this year sees them starting offt the spring with a string of U.S. festival dates.  Bassist Chris Kael spoke to me recently regarding the band's touring, the success, the importance of social media, and more.

Our interview starts off with a talk about Chris' thoughts on the importance of social media and interacting with fans.  He also sheds light on how the writing process works for the band and how the band's recent European tour went.

Here Chris talks about the band live and Ivan's presences on stage.  I ask him about performing with Rob Halford on "Lift Me Up" and then we discuss metal musicians and how they seem to be so down to earth.

In this clip Chris talks in detail about the video for "House of the Rising Sun" as well as what it's like to play the large festivals like Rock on the Range, Carolina Rebellion, and Rocklahoma.

Our interview winds up with Chris talking about his signature bass with Spector and also drops a hint of a big tour announcement to hit soon.  Chris also gives up two cool stories about Pantera for me.

Five Finger Death Punch "House of the Rising Sun" video

Anthony Smeragliuolo
guitarist for JULIUS SEIZURE

Julius Seizure is a killer new metal band from Clifton, NJ.  They are working on a new album "Trials" which is due to be released in August.  The band will be playing at this year's New England Metal and Hardcore Festival! 

I recently spoke to guitarist Anthony Smeragliuolo and in this first clip Anthony discusses the origin of the band name.

In this clip Anthony talks in depth about the band's upcoming appearance at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and what it means to be playing this show.
Pepe Clarke

Drummer for KYNG

Pepe is pictured center

KYNG is getting ready to release their second full length album "Burn The Serum" on April 15th.  Few bands have been able to accomplish what they have in such a short time.  Since the release of their debut album "Trampled Sun" KYNG has garnered praise from critics for their music, praise from fans for their live performances, and respect from fellow musicians who have taken KYNG on tour with them. 

On April 11th KYNG drummer PEPE CLARKE answered some of our questions before the band's performance in Pensacola, FL.

Tonight you're in Pensacola, FL with Lacuna Coil, Eve to Adam, and
Nothing More.  Now that's a pretty diverse lineup. How¹s this leg of touring been going?

Pepe Clarke - "It's been great so far! All of the bands have been getting along great and it's been a lot of fun. It's definitely diverse, but I've always thought diversity makes for a great show."

MF -  I saw Kyng live three times in 2012, once with Clutch, once with Megadeth, and then at Metallica¹s Orion Festival.  Pretty unbelievable touring partners, especially for just having your debut album out.

PC - "We've been extremely lucky to have been a part of those amazing tours and that festival.  All three of those bands are actually some of my favorite bands, so to tour with them is such an honor. They were all amazing experiences as musicians and as fans of those bands."

MF - Each time I see the band live I¹m so impressed at the big sound that spews from the stage from you three guys. Years of practice have gotten you to this sound I'm assuming?

PC - "I guess so. You know, bands that we love were essentially 3 piece bands with a singer. Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pantera; these were all one guitar, bass and drums and they all had a HUGE sound. We're basically that, except we have a guitar player who happens to be a great singer and a bass player who does amazing back up vocals."

MFOn Tuesday your second studio album "Burn The Serum" comes out and the title track is burning up satellite radios everwhere on Sirius XM Liquid Metal. The drums are massive, the bass is forceful, and there are about 32 different guitar time changes. Such a freakin killer track!! Some of the lyrics could be representative of my last two relationships!!! "Your words mean nothing to me". "You drag us to ruin now you¹re on your own".

PC - "I'm glad you dig it! SiriusXM has been a huge supporter of us, and we are beyond grateful for how they've helped the band out so much.  Lyrically it's about people who act a certain way no matter how it affects others or themselves. I can see how it can translate into a relationship."

MF -  "Electric Halo" is such a simple song musically but the way you guys pull it off, again there¹s just so much power behind it.

PC - "Thanks man.  It's definitely a different song for us. People seem to be responding great to it and we're very happy to see people around the country singing along."

MF - Two pretty different songs, one somewhat simple, one much more complex.  What else is there on the album??

PC - "There's a bit of everything on the album. There's rock, there's thrash, there's classic metal. It basically has bits and pieces of all of our musical influences."

MF - The in studio videos up on Youtube are so cool because you can see just how the songs came together.

PC - "It was definitely cool to see how those were put together. Jim (Rota) would take some studio footage here and there and people at the label chopped it up and made it into a bunch of cool video clips."

MF - On April 26 you play Fort Rock in Ft Meyers, FL. The next day you¹re in Jacksonville for Welcome to Rockville, and then the next day you hit the road for a string of shows with Kill Devil Hill and Crobot.  Incredible list of shows!!

PC - "I know, man!  We are very excited for those festivals. Florida loves it's heavy music, and we're happy to play down here! We are also beyond excited for the Kill Devil Hill/Crobot tour. We've heard nothing but good things about Crobot and KDH is an amazing band with great dudes. It should be a great run!"


MF - Are you guys always writing music or do wait until it¹s time to record to put pen to paper?

PC - "There's always ideas floating around that we mess with. I know Eddie is constantly writing in his head. He's got a phone full of riffs and melodies."


MF - With the 20th anniversary of Pantera's "Far Beyond Driven" I wanted to ask for your thoughts on the band, the album, their members.

PC - "Pantera is one of our biggest influences! The three of us love Pantera.  Growing up, I memorized every single Pantera song and play along to them in my head. Vinnie Paul is one of my biggest influences. I basically taught myself to play drums with Pantera and Metallica. That makes the KDH tour even more awesome. Rex has been a huge KYNG supporter and we couldn't be more honored that he likes our band. We toured with HellYeah a couple of years ago and Vinnie was such a great dude! I had to let it sink in a few times that I was drinking with Vinnie Paul! Surreal. Now we just have to get Down to take us on the road!"




Hiran Deraniyagala
Guitarist for BATTLECROSS

Hiran is pictured second from right
Battlecross is one of the hottest metal bands today.  With the success of their sophomore album "War of Will" they are positioning themselves as a formidable force in metal music. 
Recently I had the opportunity to speak with guitarist Hiran Deraniyagala to talk about the band's current tour and all the success the band has had to this point.

In this first clip Hiran discusses the success of "War of Will" and all the touring that Battlecross has been handling.

Next up is Hiran talking about building a fanbase and all the fan interaction the band has.  He also talks about Battlecross' appearance at Metallica's Orion Music and More Festival.

My interview with Hiran wraps up with him discussing how he feels about writing on the road, where Battlecross is regarding their next album, and what music he's listening to while on the road.
Tim King
Bassist for SOiL

Tim is pictured far right
SOiL recently wrapped up a European tour and are currently touring the U.S. with Tantric and Social 66, spreading the word about their latest album "Whole".  With the increased airplay of their latest single "The Hate Song", SOiL will continue touring in May with (Hed) P.E.

Bassist Tim King recently spoke to me prior to their Augusta, GA show about the band's touring, songwriting, and more.

I started the interview by discussing SOiL's performance at Rock on the Range in 2012 which led to further discussion about the band's touring schedule.

Next up is a clip with TIm talking about playing clubs like the Whiskey A Go Go (which SOiL plays on May 7th) and CBGB's (where the band performed for Clive Davis once).

In this clip Tim talks about how SOiL's album "Whole" was written and recorded and then we talk about our mutually favorite song from the album "Way Gone".

Here Tim talks about his 12 string bass, how it came about and how he uses it.

You gotta hear this clip of Tim talking about his history with the members of Pantera, which includes SOiL opening up for Damageplan, recording acoustic tracks at Dime's home studio, and meeting up with Phil Anselmo at the recent Soundwave festival in Australia.  Tim talks in details about Dime's death and time he spent with Dime. 

This final clip is a talk about SOiL's performance this September on the Rockaholica cruise with Korn, P.O.D. and Fuel.

Pics of SOiL from Rock On the Range 2012, taken by John Doan

Guitarist for Monster Truck

Canada's MONSTER TRUCK are on a roll!  Having completed tours with Deep Purple, Alice in Chains, and Slash w/ Myles Kennedy 2014's touring schedule is just as strong.  In February Monster Truck hits the road with Buckcherry and April has the band sharing the stage with Alter Bridge.

Monster Truck guitarist Jeremy Widerman spoke with us recently to discuss their "monster" touring schedule.

Our interview with Jeremy starts with him discussing the amazing touring schedule the band has upcoming this year.  Jeremy also discusses the recording process for their debut album "Furiosity".

Clip two is Jeremy talking about the vibe of the band and how Monster Truck came together.  It's cool to hear him talk about how easy going the band is and how important it is to carry that feel over to the stage.

Finally, we talk a bit more in depth about this year's tours with Buckcherry and Alter Bridge.  Jeremy also gives indication of an even larger tour happening for Monster Truck this year!
Guitarist for Emperors and Elephants

Randy is pictured far left

On January 21st Chicago rockers EMPERORS AND ELEPHANTS released their debut album "DEVIL IN THE LAKE".  The album is a superb hard rock effort and has been receiving radio play due to their first single "Who You Are".  Former Texas Hippie Coalition guitarist RANDY COOPER spoke to me recently about his new band and their singer JESSE ANDREWS as well as his recent appearance at NAAM and his friendship with DIMEBAG DARRELL ABBOTT.

Our interview starts off with Randy discussing his band mates and hearing the band's single "Who You Are" on the radio for the first time!

In this next clip Randy talks about lead singer Jesse Andrews and how Jesse comes across in person, on stage, and on this album.

Here is an amazing clip where Randy talks about meeting Pantera as a teen and talks in depth about Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott and shares a couple stories with us.

Our last clip is a discussion with Randy about his recent appearance at NAAM and his run in with Adrenaline Mob guitarist Mike Orlando.  We wrap up the interview with talks on Emperors and Elephants tour plans.
guitarist for IN THIS MOMENT

Taken by John Doan 2012 at the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival

We caught up to Chris while In This Moment are on tour headlining the Hellpop Tour with Motionless In White, Kyng, and All Hail The Yeti as support.  The band is wrapping up a vigorous touring cycle behind their hit album "Blood".  In our interview below Chris talks about the attendance and fan reaction to the current Hellpop Tour, how the band spends their days off while on the road, how they keep their rigorous touring schedule fresh, and plans for their next album.

lead vocalizing scumdog and lord of Gwar

Oderus Urungus is pictured center

The Scumdogs of the Universe known as GWAR are back in 2013 with a brand new album of musical mayhem and lyrical debauchery they call "Battle Maximus".  In this album they record their battle with "Mr. Perfect" and also use this album as a send off to their fallen brother Flattus Maximus.  Lead singer and Lord of Horror ODERUS URUNGUS recently took time out from planning ways to decimate the world and honored me with an interview.

Our interview starts out with Oderus scolding me for asking to speak with Dave Brockie but soon we get on track and discuss Gwar's summer events which included the annual Gwar B Q.  Oderus also talks about writing and recording "Battle Maximus" without Flattus Maximus and gives us an idea on exactly how long the album took to record.

The storyline of "Battle Maximus" is discussed in this next clip which leads to Oderus giving me details of his perfect woman, which includes the head of Mother Theresa and a whale pussy.

Here we talk about a couple track off the new album, the lead track "Madness at the Core of Time" and the autobiographical "Raped at Birth"

Oderus gives us details on why he loves Serena Williams and despises Nancy Grace in this clip.

Our interview with Oderus Urungus wraps up with a talk about the upcoming Gwar tour and a video interview I did last year with him.  He then gives us his true feelings on Dave Brockie's artwork and we end our conversation with Oderus giving a special message to the Gwar fans in Sayreville, NJ who plan to attend the September 15th show at the Starland Ballroom.

solo artist, singer for The Babys

John Waite witnessed success early on in his career as a member of the british rock band The Babys but it was his solo work that powered him to stardom with hits list "Changes" and "Missing You".  He also garnered another major hit song as a member of Bad English with the song "When I See You Smile".  John now has a new live album titled "Live: All Access" and I spoke to him recently about this new album.

Clip one is John discussing the new album, which was partially recorded in Philadelphia, PA (my hometown), and how the sound on the album reflects the live performance.  We also discuss a couple of the songs and the band John put together for this album.

Clip two is a discussion with John as to why his biggest hit "Missing You" is not on this live album.  He also talks about the possibility of another live album.

solo artist, singer for Cinderella

Tom Keifer reached worldwide success as the frontman for the rock band Cinderella.  On April 30th he released his debut solo album "The Way Life Goes".  I interviewed Tom recently discussing his album, his past vocal issues, and his tour (which included a gig on the David Letterman Show).

In this clip Tommy discusses his tour from earlier this year, his gig on the David Letterman show, and his upcoming show with Halestorm in Atlantic City.

Here, Tom talks about his past vocal issues and how he was able to get his singing voice back.  He talks about recording the vocals for the new album and all the warm up exercises he does before shows, including an early morning set he did on a local Philadelphia radio show, WMMR.

In this clip Tommy talks in detail about the recording process for the solo album and how is differed from recording Cinderella albums back in the day. 

This clip is a discussion with Tommy about a couple of the songs on his album ("The Flower Song" and "Aint That A Bitch") and how complex the songs are.  Tommy details the use of mulit-track recording and just how many tracks he uses to put a song together.

In this last clip I ask Tommy how Cinderella got their break out of Philly.  His answer includes the Empire Rock Club and Jon Bon Jovi. 

singer for Pantera, Superjoint Ritual, and Down

Phil Anselmo and the Illegals are:

Philip H. Anselmo – voice and handmade special FX
Marzi Montazeri – axes and landscapes
Jose Manual Gonzalez – drumbeats
Bennett Bartley - GWB bassdose

Philip H. Anselmo has had one of the most successful musical careers in metal.  Phil lead one of the biggest metal acts in history in Pantera then struck out with the still successful Down and also kicked it up in Superjoint Ritual and Arson Anthem.  But lucky for us, he's not done yet.  On July 16th Phil released his first solo album "Walk Through Exits Only" with his band "The Illegals".  Phil spoke to me recently about his current solo tour, the album, his insightful thoughts on music, and his future.

In the first clip Phil talks about his summer solo tour and delves deep into the thought process on what he intended to deliver with his first solo release, something new, fresh, heavy, and unique.

Next clip is an incredible conversation with Phil about the lyrical content on "Walk Through Exits Only", including the line "Regurgitation is Boring, Emulation is Death" from the lead track "Music Medias Is My Whore".  Phil explains that bands need to start being original and stop "regurgitating" or "emulating" the cornerstone bands.

This clip is Phil talking about his famous studio "Nodferatu's Lair" and the video for the song "Bedridden' in which we get to see what lurks inside the lair as well as Phil's actual bedroom.  He then talks about "The Illegals" and what they bring to the album.

In our last clip Phil talks about his future plans once this current leg of his solo tour ends, which he divulges includes a new Down EP, a west coast solo tour, and his "Housecore Horror Music and Film Festival".  Phil also gives love to the fans for buying his new album and making it hit #35 on the Billboard charts.

Phil Anselmo and the Illegals "Bedridden" video

Von Hesseling
singer for Star & Dagger

Von is pictured center.  Photo by Thanira Rates

Star & Dagger's debut album "Tomorrowland Blues" was released on July 23rd via Megaforce Records.  The album is an excitingly diverse collection of new music written by band members Dava She Wolf (Cycle Sluts from Hell), Sean Yseult (White Zombie), and vocalist Von Hesseling.  These three ladies kick ass with their heavy guitar riffs, menacing bass lines, and sultry singing.  Von spoke to me album the band, the album, and how it all came together.

In this first clip Von discusses the formation of this rockin' trio.  As you'll hear, friendship and whiskey were involved! 

In this next clip Von and I talk about the album "Tomorrowland Blues".  Von talks about the unusual way the writing portion of the album happened and we get into some of the songs such as "You're Momma Was A Grifter" and "Selling My Things", and "End Of Days".

In our last clip Von talks about upcoming tour plans for Star & Dagger as well as the video shoot for the single "Tomorrowland Blues" and the New Orleans metal scene.

Chris Jericho
FOZZY singer/ WWE superstar

Pic taken by John Doan during the Uproar Festival 2012

Since the release of their fifth studio album "Sin and Bones" in August of last year FOZZY has been on a heavy touring schedule which continues this summer with a European tour and then another North American tour in September with metal legends Saxon.  I was able to catch up with singer Chris Jericho just before he and the band left for Germany to play the Wacken Open Air Festival.

In this first interview clip Chris talks about the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2012 and how the band's cd sales went and how the band approaches meet and greets and interviews.  Chris also discusses festivals and his take on their importance to a band like Fozzy.

Clip two is a discussion about Fozzy's latest album "Sin and Bones".  I ask Chris if any songs off the album surprised him by going over big live.  We also talk about the song "Inside My Head".

The final clip has Jericho talking about how the upcoming "Sacrifice and Sin" tour with Saxon came about.  He also talks about what new music he's listening to, including Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Stone Sour, and Halestorm.  We wrap up the interview with Chris giving details on where Fozzy is with writing their next album.

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal
guitarist for GUNS and ROSES

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal has had an extensive musical career.  Whether it's through his solo material, his instructional workshops, or his work since 2006 as the guitarist for Guns and Roses Ron has kept very busy in the music industry.  This year he continues to tour with Guns, has a slew of guitar workshop shows happening, and has found time to appear at the Revolver Golden Gods awards show and start up a Kiss tribute band with Rex Brown.  I had the opportunity to speak to Ron recently about all he has going on.

The first clip from the interview has Ron talking about the recent Guns and Roses shows in Brooklyn, NY and in Canada.  I also ask for details on the Kiss tribute band "A.L.I.V.E." that he'll be playing in alongside Rex Brown (Pantera/Kill Devil Hill), Brian Tichy (Whitesnake/Foreigner), and Mark Zavon (Kill Devil Hill) and how this project came about.

Next up is a clip with Ron and I reminiscing about being members of the Kiss Army when we were younger.  Then Ron talks in detail about the insane touring schedule he has upcoming and also announces that he has been selected to be a Cultural Envoy for the United Nations!!!

In this last clip from my interview with Ron I ask him how it feels coming from playing guitar as a kid in Brooklyn to touring all over the world.  I then ask him about what's going on in the world of Guns and Roses and Ron opens up about what he hopes to happen this year, which is the band getting together and writing new material!

Jeff Angell
singer/guitarist for WALKING PAPERS

Jeff is pictured far left

On August 6th Duff McKagan (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver), Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees, Mad Season), Jeff Angell and Benjamin Anderson (both of The Missionary Position) will release the self-titled debut album from their new band "WALKING PAPERS".  Rock and blues come together to make for a vibrant album that from start to finish keeps the ear interested and the mind intrigued.

Singer/guitarist Jeff Angell spoke to me about the album and how Walking Papers (both the band and the album) came together.

In the first clip from our interview Jeff talks about how he met Duff, Barrett, and Benjamin and how the band came together as a whole.  He also details how he recorded with Slash, Izzy, and the guys from Velvet Revolver when they were initially looking for a singer.

Next is a clip in which we talk about the sound of this album which leads Jeff to expand on sounds that some bands have versus other bands.  We then discuss the songs "The Butcher" (which has a heavy piano part) and "Capital T" (which has some very cool lyrics).

In this clip I discuss with Jeff the songs "Red Envelope" and one of the heaviest songs on the album "Two Tickets".  Jeff talks about how The Doors impressed him when he was in high school and how he approached these songs vocally.

The last clip from our interview is spent talking about the song "Already Dead" which leads off the album with a spacy track and makes it clear that Walking Papers is not only about hard loud rock. 

Paul Shortino
singer for King Kobra

Paul Shortino has been a hard rock singer since he kicked off his career with Rough Cutt in 1985.  He's also sang with Quiet Riot, Bad Boyz, and was in the benefit band Hear N Aid.  He also garnered a role in the rock cult movie "This Is Spinal Tap" as "Duke Fame".  Currently he's performing at the Las Vegas Hilton (LVH) in "Raiding the Rock Vault" and now has a new album out with King Kobra.  "King Kobra II" hit stores on July 9th and features Paul on vocals, David Michael-Philips and Mick Sweda on guitar, Johnny Rod on bass, and Carmine Appice on drums.

In this opening clip Paul talks about "Raiding The Rock Vault" and the premise behind the production that's going on now in Las Vegas.  He then gives his thoughts on how he feels the King Kobra album turned out.

Next Paul discusses how the new record came together after he and Carmine toured with spanish blues guitarist Javier Vargas.  Paul talks about recording with Vargas and how one cover song "Do You Think I'm Sexy" happened and another "Surrender" didn't.

Here Paul and I discuss the attitude and vibe of the album, which dips into both the 70's and the 80's in character and feel.  Paul also talks about why he has a disdain for the way labels signed bands in the 80's.

This is a quick clip of Paul and I talking about the lyrics in the album and Paul explains what the band was going for on this record, mainly not worrying about putting out the typical 4 minute radio song.

Here's a clip which talks about the song "The Ballad Of Johnny Rod" and how it came about.  Paul tells a story about leaving the Rainbow Room with Wendy Dio back when he was with Rough Cutt and getting pulled over and arrested.  Rock and Roll!

Last is a clip in which I ask Paul about recording "We're Stars" with the metal benefit band Hear N Aid (formed by Ronnie James Dio).  Paul also talks about his role as "Duke Fame" in the movie "This Is Spinal Tap" and recalls his favorite gig, at the Philadelphia Spectrum opening for Dio!

Billy Sheehan
bassist for The Winery Dogs

Billy Sheehan is pictured in the middle above

Billy Sheehan has carved himself quite a successful career.  Among the many band's he's played with, he is a founding member of the band Mr. Big who scored a #1 single with "To Be With You".  He played in David Lee Roth's solo band on the "Eat 'Em and Smile" and "Skyscraper" albums.  And now he's part of a star trio that includes drummer Mike Portnoy and singer/guitarist Richie Kotzen.  Billy spoke to me recently about this new band "The Winery Dogs" and his musical career.

In this first clip Billy tells me how the guys decided on the band name "The Winery Dogs" and how he, Mike and Richie came together to form this band.

In this clip Billy discusses how writing the album took place and also talks about singing on the album.  He tells a story about Geddy Lee here too!

In this clip we discuss the individual styles of each band member and how they come together to form a cohesive album.  Then we talk about some of the jam parts in the album and what songs are radio ready tunes.

Here Billy talks about the upcoming tour with The Winery Dogs and then tells a cool story about playing with Richie as they opened for the Rolling Stones in Japan and why he prefers smaller clubs to the large expansive arenas.  Then, Billy tells me why he chose to play bass as opposed to any other instrument.

In this last clip Billy talks about how he is always praciticing and even now is still learning things on his bass.  And to end the interview I had to ask him about playing in the 80's with teased hair, spandex, and hot pink instruments!!  Great stuff!

Joe Festa
guitarist for Pillbuster

PILLBUSTER is Brett Lloyd (vocals), Joe Festa (guitars), Chris Kernstock (bass), and Douglas Stanek (drums)

On August 6th Stonerkill Records will release the self-titled debut album from Virginia Beach hardrockers PILLBUSTER.  The album is a prime example of raw, angry rock in the vein of Crowbar, Down, or Corrossion of Conformity and guitarist Joe Festa gave me a call recently to discuss the album.

This first clip with Joe has him discussing the formation of Pillbuster (a band with members from Detroit, New York, Virginia Beach, and Colorado) and the recording of the album with producer Dick Hodgin, who has work with COC, Velvet Revolver, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Next up is a clip where I discuss with Joe three of the songs off the album, "5th Helena Drive", "Revery", and "Sinkhole" and how they came together.

Lastly is a quick talk about the band's tour plans once the album drops as well as how Pillbuster approaches their live set.

guitarist for ADRENALINE MOB

Mike is pictured far right

In this first clip Mike gives an update on how the Adrenaline Mob spring tour is going.  We also discuss the single "Indifferent", from the band's debut album "Omerta", and the video for the song.

Clip two is a cool discussion with Mike about "Coverta", Adrenaline Mob's latest EP of cover songs. 

Here's a clip where we talk to Mike about two of the songs on "Coverta", Van Halen's "Romeo Delight" and Heart's "Barracuda.

In our last clip with Mike he discusses his new band TRED that he's put together with Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy, Quiet Riot) and AJ Pero (Twisted Sister).  We also touch on his instrumental band SONIC STOMP and plans Mike has for both bands.
REX BROWN, bassist for PANTERA
In our first clip Rex discusses how his new book "Official Truth 101 Proof, The Inside Story of Pantera" came about and what it was like to open up about all the issues discussed in the book.

In our next slip Rex opens up about his best friend and bandmate Dimebag Darrell Abbott. 

This clip has Rex talking about growing up around music in his family, it's affect on his music, and how Pantera sold 40,000 copies of their 1988 album "Power Metal".

Phil Anselmo, constant run ins with venue security, and love for the fans are discussed in this clip with Rex

In our final clip I ask Rex about one of the stories he tells in his book about he and Phil playing ping pong with KK Downing and Glenn Tipton while Pantera was on tour with Judas Priest.  He then talks about the next book he's gonna write, Pantera recording sessions, and the possibility of unreleased Pantera material.
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