Our top Songs of 2017 (in no particular order)

Iron Reagan “Fuck The Neighbors”
Kreator “Satan Is Real”
Overkill “Goddamn Trouble”
Suicide Silence “Doris”
Emmure “Flag of the Beast”
Fit For An Autopsy “Heads Will Hang”
Body Count “No Lives Matter”
All That Remains “Halo”
Motionless in White “Loud (Fuck it)”
Seether “Betray and Degrade”
Danzig “Devil on Hwy 9”
Miss May I “Lost in the Grey”
Goatwhore “Vengeful Ascension”
Municipal Waste “Breathe Grease”
Rex Brown “Crossing Lines”
Thy Art Is Murder “Slaves Beyond Death”
Gwar “El Presidente”
Iron Monkey “The Rope”
Cannibal Corpse “Red Before Black”
Cavalera Conspiracy “Impalement Execution”


Our top Tours of 2017 (in no particular order)


Emmure /After The Burial/Fit For A King/

Fit For An Autopsy

Kreator /Obituary

Anthrax/Killswitch Engage/

The Devil Wears Prada/Jasta

Korn/Stone Sour


Thy Art is Murder/Decapitated/Fallujah/

Ghost Bath

Goatwhore/Venom/Toxic Holocaust/

The Convalescence

Municipal Waste/Nails

Corrosion of Conformity/Danzig

Superjoint/Devildriver/Cane Hill/Child Bite

Cannibal Corpse/Power Trip/Gatecreeper

Metallica/Avenged Sevenfold/Volbeat



Miss May I/Upon A Burning Body/Kublai Khan

Amon Amarth/Goatwhore

Whitechapel/Cattle Decapitation/


Our top Albums of 2017 (in no particular order)

Fit For An Autopsy “The Great Collapse”

Code Orange “Forever”
Body Count “Bloodlust”
Kreator “Gods of Violence”

Scour "Red" (EP)
Iron Reagan “Crossover Ministry”

Thy Art Is Murder “Dear Desolation”
Overkill “The Grinding Wheel”

Josh Todd and The Conflict “Year of the Tiger”
Emmure “Look At Yourself”
Lorna Shore “Flesh Coffin”

Municipal Waste “Slime and Punishment”
Born of Osiris “The Eternal Reign”
Six Feet Under “Torment”
John 5 “Season of the Witch”
Obituary “Obituary”
The Charm The Fury “The Sick, Dumb & Happy”
Art of Anarchy “The Madness”
Mastodon “Emperor of Sand”
Ghost Bath “Starmourner”

Rex Brown “Smoke on This”

Miss May I “Shadows Inside”
All That Remains “Madness”
Danzig “Black Laden Crown”
Motionless In White” Graveyard Shift”
Adrenaline Mob “We The People”
Gideon “Cold”
Wednesday 13 “Condolences”
Seether “Poison The Parish”
Dying Fetus “Wrong One to Fuck With”
Goatwhore “Vengeful Ascension”
Prong “Zero Days”
The Acacia Strain “Gravebloom”
King Parrot “Ugly Produce”

36 Crazyfists “Lanterns”
Iron Monkey “9-13”
Kublai Khan “Nomad”
We Came As Romans “Cold Like War”
The Black Dahlia Murder “Nightbringers”
Exhumed “Death Revenge”
Gwar “The Blood of Gods”
Cannibal Corpse “Red Before Black”
Sons of Apollo “Psychotic Symphony”
Trivium “The Sin and the Sentence”
Like Moths to Flames “Dark Divine”
Toothgrinder “Phantom Armour”
Cavalera Conspiracy “Psychosis”

The BEST of 2017:

Album - Thy Art Is Murder "Dear Desolation"

Song -Kreator "Satan Is Real"

Tour - Emmure/After The Burial/Fit For A King/Fit For An Autopsy

Live Set - Corrosion of Conformity (Sept 8 @ Electric Factory Philly)

2017 is sure to be remembered as one seriously brutal year, and not only politically.  The metal community gave us a ton of new tunes to relish in and carry with us for years to come.  Iconic veteran bands showed us they still have many miles left in the tank while newer artists continued to step up and blow apart any perceived musical boundaries.

Thy Art Is Murder welcomed back long time frontman CJ McMahon and let loose an amazing album which for us tops all 2017 releases. 
“Dear Desolation” crushed the charts as well, peaking at #95 on the Billboard Top 200 and #3 on the Billboard Top Hard Rock album charts.  “Slaves Beyond Death”, “Puppet Master”, and “The Son of Misery” are songs from “Dear Desolation” that will most likely stay in the Thy Art Is Murder live set in future tours.  McMahon’s vocal ferocity paired with guitarist Any Marsh’s beastly shredding makes this album dominate deathcore in 2017.

The self-titled album from California deathcore titans Suicide Silence was one of the most anticipated albums of the year but ended up as arguably the most hated album of the year.  The band’s addition of clean vocals didn’t sit well with diehard fans used to the wickedly harsh vocals recorded by the band in the past.  When Suicide Silence released the album’s first single “Doris” we were hopeful that the limited use of clean vocals behind the band’s signature monster riffs would carry throughout the album.  Unfortunately, “Doris” was the heaviest song on the album.

Thrash was prominent in 2017 with releases from Tony Foresta fronted bands
Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan.  Waste ventured out across the U.S. on the Vans Warped Tour promoting the hellacious “Slime and Punishment” while Iron Reagan  put out a humours and creative stop-motion video for the single “Fuck The Neighbors”  from their 2017 release “Crossover Ministry”.  NJ thrashers Overkill gave us the incredible album “The Grinding Wheel”, one of the best of their thirty year career.

Frankie Palmeri gave the middle finger to his former bandmates by putting together a new lineup and releasing “Look At Yourself” which peaked at #73 on the Billboard Top 200.  Solid from beginning to end  with stand out tracks “Flag of the Beast” and “Russian Hotel Aftermath”. Fit For An Autopsy’s album “The Great Collapse” sees the band continuing to grow while showing they are a force in the metal world.  Cannibal Corpse added to their legendary status with the release of “Red Before Black” and metal legend Philip H. Anselmo continues to unleash his most violent recordings, this year with the release of the EP “Red” from his band Scour.

We chose
“Satan Is Real” from iconic German thrashers Kreator as the top song of 2017.  With the amount of incredible music released this year picking one song is practically impossible, but “Satan Is Real” from the album “Gods of Violence” is such a strong song that it’s hard to pass over.  Mille Petrozza’s opening riff is epic and his vocals give demonic life to the harsh thrash music.

Suicide Silence’s “Doris” still needs to be considered a top song on the year and as previously mentioned iron Reagan’s “Fuck The Neighbors” is absolutely one of the best this year.  Ice T and Body Count gave us a lot to think about with the socially significant song
“No Lives Matter”.  Gwar hit us with the politically themed song “El Presidente”.  Pantera bassist Rex Brown released a stellar album in “Smoke On This…” and one of the standout songs from that album “Crossing Lines” is in the top song discussion for us.  We chose “Slaves Beyond Death” by Thy Art Is Murder to put in with the top songs of 2017 but “Puppet Master” could definitely be a part of that list too.  Just like Fit For An Autopsy’s songs “Heads Will Hang” and “Iron Moon” should both be given attention when talking top 2017 metal songs. 

2017 saw the promoters and labels put together some insane tours, most of which came through our area here in Philadelphia.  The Killthrax tour with Anthrax/ Killswitch Engage/The Devil Wears Prada/Jasta was truly amazing and we can’t wait for the new Killthrax tour to come through in 2018.  The Cannibal Corpse/Power Trip/Gatecreeper tour killed as did the Megadeth/Meshuggah tour.  Seeing Primus and Clutch together on a Summer evening along the banks of the Delaware River was something special and when Miss May I/Upon A Burning Body/Kublai Khan came to Howell, NJ we cracked skulls with our fellow madmen.  But our choice for best tour of 2017 was the insanity of having After The Burial, Emmure, Fit For A King, and Fit For An Autopsy together for one night.  Intense music, mosh pit mayhem, sweat, and no voice for a few days.  That’s what this tour gave us and man we had a crushing time watching four solid bands bring the heavy.

And as we look individually at the many, many live sets we witnessed in 2017 we went with the performance of
Corrosion of Conformity at the Electric Factory in Philly on Sept 8th as our favorite of the year.  Pepper Keenan, Reed Mullin, Mike Dean and Woody Weatherman tore it up and man they sounded flawless.  Reed and Mike perform practically as one and as they took the stage first and ran through “Bottom Feeder” it made us want to see those two perform in some jazz hole in New Orleans.  Once Pepper and Woody joined in Philly was treated to songs from throughout the band’s impressive career including “Vote With A Bullet” (to which Pepper said the song is probably most relevant now than when it was written) “Albatross”, “Clean My Wounds”, and “Broken Man”.  Just an incredible night!

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Thanks to all the artists who gave us such memorable music this year and to those who are preparing to unleash hell on us in 2018.